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  1. carl from maine

    guitar forum most like DFO?

    What are the good guitar message boards/classifieds? I love the vibe and ethos of the DFO community — where to find it in the guitar world?
  2. carl from maine

    Do you ever use a played-in head as a reso?

    On purpose, I mean. Coated ambassador batters change a lot with use, and in my opinion are more tuneable, mellower, more at peace with themselves, etc. when broken in. Part of that’s the seating, but I think they are also less boxy/barky because the coating is worn and the head has less...
  3. carl from maine

    new to the clash/topper headon

    amazing drummer. is he alive/active? i am a late bloomer at the clash — can anyone recommend a good book? i picked up a london calling cd at an antiques mall today. what is known about topper’s drums and cymbals?
  4. carl from maine

    head/tuning recs: eames 13” and 16” toms

    Hey all, I play jazz, but the kit that fell into my lap is non-standard. 18x12 bass, 13x9, 16x14 toms. The drums are older Eames (80’s), birch, 9 ply, I think). I’ve fought against the drums to bring them up into bebop territory — sort of a falsetto sound — but lately I’ve been letting these...
  5. carl from maine

    accents/burying bass drum beater/moleskins

    You need to be able to get different levels of sound out of each element of the drumset (volume/timbre/decay). This is hardest on the bass drum, where the beater always hits the same place, from the same angle. Best way to get different voices out of the bass drum is to play both open (some...
  6. carl from maine

    Candidate for riveting? I need a jazz ride for brushes

    I need a jazz ride that will react quickly and keep some definition when played with brushes — my Sigs are light and low, and I’d hesitate before drilling them. Something heavier/pingier? I’m thinking Sunday Afternoon at the Village Vanguard...
  7. carl from maine

    Three-dot A Zildjian 22” — what kind of damage is this?

    Forumites, I picked up this cymbal few weeks ago, a Facebook Marketplace find for a fair price. I noticed this dent the other day. What’s curious about it is the way that it appears to be filled in with a criss-cross pattern like medical tape or something. It’s not obvious to me how this kind...
  8. carl from maine

    Your recs: mic for recording live drums on ipad

    I play in a drums/laptop duo, and we tape our rehearsals with the built-in mic — I’d like to do one better and get a zoom or something, but I have no experience with such devices... I don’t have a smartphone, just an old ipad air... if you have knowledge in this area, please share — thank you!!
  9. carl from maine

    Updated K Custom Special Dry Series

    Forumites, I was just checking out a 22” Crash — don’t remember the gram weight, somewhere low 2000’s, making it more thin than extra thin, as this series goes. I didn’t love the look of the cymbal — the stark contrast between the dark, raw cymbal, and the bright scoring looks a little silly to...
  10. carl from maine

    My left side solution

    Manhasset Model 48 Symphony
  11. carl from maine

    Help — how to add pic to post?

    do you need external photo hosting (link via url) or can you attach directly? Thank you forumites!!
  12. carl from maine

    k con advice sought

    I’m looking for a ride that can be played at the lowest volumes, in an acoustic setting, but can also keep a clear clicky stick sound at more electric volumes and still drive the band as a main ride, but also won’t wash out the timbres of the drumset. When I hear a drummer playing a cymbal like...
  13. carl from maine

    fatter, mellower sound out of an acrolite?

    forumites, can you help my drum? It’s a pointy badge blue/olive Acrolite — coated ambassador over diplomat snare side, pure sound wires. I can’t find a sound/feel that I like — it sounds spazzy and hurts my ears. I’d like less attack, less of a volume spike, something more compressed, if that...
  14. carl from maine

    Tom muffles are buzzing, help please!

    Pretty sure its the muffle at least the lugs seem secure. Ludwig hardware on 13 and 16 Eames toms, circa 1980. It looks like a previous owner wrapped string between the felt and the plate (I am making up that word) to address this problem. (Drumsets are noisy in ways that are hard to control, I...
  15. carl from maine

    crashes and white noise

    can anyone speak to this?
  16. carl from maine

    Sabian AA Raw Ride 20”

    2040g per the scale at FedEx. Unlathed cymbal with separation between stick and wash. Controlled spread and quick decay. $150 plus shipping. The picture is posting sideways PM me if you are curious and I can send you pics. Thanks for reading!
  17. carl from maine

    What cymbals does Bob Moses play on Bright Size Life?

    any legends or lore welcome
  18. carl from maine

    Ludwig 1124 hi-hat stand help

    Picked up an old hi-hat stand. It had that sagging problem, where the pull rod and top hat sink down after you tighten the clutch -- presumably the spring has lost some of its compression over time. I tried to replace the spring with a similar one from the hardware store, cut to the right...
  19. carl from maine

    anyone play a martin fleetfoot bass drum pedal?

    your experiences?
  20. carl from maine

    how do bosphorus cymbals age?

    i just got a 22" bosphorus prototype that is nearly new. (disclosure: ebay. i know, never buy a cymbal you haven't played.) i believe the hammering is black pearl; the lathing/scoring is new orleans. 2150 grams. the cut of the the lathe seems to be a spiral; wide patches of raw cymbal are left...