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  1. mkelley

    so XPK? (another Premier what are these thread)

    Hey David, those are early APKs. Basically the Royale or Club series with a new label Edit. Here’s an old thread with some history
  2. mkelley

    Has anyone pre-ordered the new Paiste 2002 17" sound edge Hi Hats? ...and Are these HATS anything special?

    Memphis has them in stock
  3. mkelley

    Vintage Zim-Gar question

    Gretsch had a couple of kits with two 13” toms.
  4. mkelley

    Rise up..Rise up.

    I prefer the riser. I have a Dixon and the over engineered DW one. If I’m playing more acoustically then I’ll use the Dixon. If I’m mic’ed or it’s in the studio, I use the DDub
  5. mkelley

    C&C Pricing?

    The price of raw materials in the US has climbed over the past year. They can't keep the same prices for 5 years, companies build in buffer but at some point the material cost point results into higher consumer prices. I wouldn't be shocked if a new 2020/2021 kit is on a showroom floor at a...
  6. mkelley


    I'll use a backline kit and don't worry about it but if it's someone else's I usually pass...honestly since I like how I tune drums and don't like all the muffling and stuff other people pop on their heads. Sometimes I let a few people use my kit but the rules are almost always, bring your...
  7. mkelley

    More BR....

    That last section with the trio was fun-kay. Very nice
  8. mkelley

    Saw this at my local drum shop.

    They work great for classic rock. May need to pick one up since my old band is back together.
  9. mkelley

    What sounds like a Zildjian K Pre-aged Dry Light?

    A breakbeat ride
  10. mkelley

    Holes In Gretsch (Jasper) Shells

    Are the mounts the same dimensions as the standard diamond shape mount? You may be able to cover them with the good old tab mount instead.
  11. mkelley

    Backline Inspired Purchases?

    I purchased a set of A Customs because they sounded great during a couple of shows. I went back to my Giant Beats and 2002’s because there were numerous things I missed about big, thin, B8 cymbals.
  12. mkelley

    Least Favorite Singer Names Favorite Drummer of All Time

    He sings? His range is worse than Sammy Hagar’s.
  13. mkelley

    Drum Confessions Thread

    White Marine Pearl and Oyster Black are the most boring finishes in the drum universe.
  14. mkelley

    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    Three kits I no longer have and my favorite bass drum mic stand.
  15. mkelley

    Here's my new kit! Spoiler alert: It's a Sonor Vintage Series 22/13/16.

    I love those kits. I tried the red oyster kit back at the old Forks shop. Just blown away by the sound.
  16. mkelley

    In Nashville, discovered an interesting trend with remo...

    I wonder if the DW heads made by Remo have the same problem? The collars are different so I wonder if it’s a machinery issue.
  17. mkelley

    No money in touring?

    For $83 bucks a night starting out in the middle of nowhere Georgia, I can be choosier than if I made 4x that amount :). My choosiness diminishes based on income.
  18. mkelley

    No money in touring?

    Whomever booked Memphis before Nashville should get the crap beat out of them. That’s a lot of gas money to needlessly burn going from Nashville to Memphis then back to Nashville.
  19. mkelley

    Yes or No, Bass Drum Pillows

    When you hit the nail on the head, people call you a troll. ;)
  20. mkelley

    Yes or No, Bass Drum Pillows

    Back in the day, there wasn’t an option. That’s what you did for rock and country. Now, there are so many options to replace sound killing blankets. Plus most engineers can work around drummer idiosyncrasies.