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    Best prices on hardware: lugs, rims, etc?

    Help looking for rubber washer or gromets for pearl and other type of opti mounts just round for the mounts. Thank you. jz
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    Crush gromets

    yes they are the same as Pearl I called their factory and was told it was part number NP 265 but no one can locate it ?
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    Crush gromets

    Looking for the rubber round gromets that hold the top toms . Crush is out of business . Iv'e tried Ace hardware close but not the same. Thank you jz
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    Anyone Actually Play an Old A Zildjian Ride?

    1958 zil K 22inh purchased new still in use . jz
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    Wes Montgomery- Full House: Jimmy Cobb Cymbal Sound

    Still looking for a click sound for jazz. I have a 21 K purchased in 1959 nice but still to much ring. Also using a few other great for rock&roll and big band sound.