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    OT: Old farts trying to be hip:

    One of the best series of commercials out there!
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    Late 60s Gretsch White Marine Pearl

    Well the the cool thing is you are being honorable and making things right. Good on ya!
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    Promuco Bonham sticks

    I bought a few pairs of the Promuco Bonham sticks but they must be defective. I sound nothing like Bonham when using those things.
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    (Restored) 60’s Ludwig Blue Oyster Pearl Pioneer snare

    That wrap turned out great! Is the wrap original Blue Oyster Pearl but from a different drum?
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    Psychedelic red offer, fair price?

    There looks to be a large difference in the fading of the drums. Maybe just the lighting?
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I have a 20" Thin. Would live to have a 22".
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    Anybody have any inside info/predictions on DW's 50th anniversary?

    Dang! Well there goes that prediction!
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    Anybody have any inside info/predictions on DW's 50th anniversary?

    Something completely different for DW.. An all metal set..... Any exotic woods or hardware platings is a been there done that.
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    DW Lost Touch with Reality

    The black nickel/chrome is not a bad idea. Would match the hardware on my DW Dragonwoods. Although I'm sure I couldn't bring myself to pay the price but still.
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    DW Lost Touch with Reality

    Ohhhh.... Now we're talkin!
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    Rogers big R 20” bass drum wanted

    Dang. Would love to find on for my XP8 set in black.
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    Opinion wanted on a trade.

    I've never played a Craviotto kit before so I do not really have the full perspective there and admittedly I may be all wet behind the ears but what I do have is a beautiful Translation Badge Oyster Pink Pearl snare that I about shart my pants when I got the snare cause when are you going to...
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    Renting my AHM kit to H.E.R. Drummer for an upcoming concert. Nevermind!

    I was chuckling to myself while reading this as was sitting at my set looking straight at my spare drumsticks on top of my bass drum :) I'm surprised you didn't mention rash on mounted toms or snares drums due them resting against each other. That would frost my you know whats.
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    PDP 20" Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

    Whoa. I swear when I got my 18" and 24" sets a 20" wasn't available! Maybe the 20" is a newer offering or I had just missed it completely. Thanks!
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    PDP 20" Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

    Unfortunately it's 16" depth but I appreciate the reply!
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    PDP 20" Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

    How about another way to approach this conundrum. Is there a 20" model in the PDP concept maple line with the same shell composition as the classic line that could be custom ordered with one of the stains matching the PDP Classic with the wood hoops? I'd be all over that. I have bop set with...
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    Giant Beat Crashes advice needed.

    I have the 18" Thin and Multi. I really like them both. If I had to choose between the two I would go with the Thin. I like the lower pitch a little better.
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    Can't help liking these new Wuhan Koi cymbals

    I just picked up a 20" Wuhan Koi Conical Dark China 2 weeks ago. Man it is a shrill SOB that just attacks the ears! I do not like it at all. I had put it on my right crash cymbal stand. I was feeling the groove and smacked that china (forgetting it was the china) and I instantly stopped and...
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    Snare stand for tom use… best results?

    Very Very nice indeed! To the OP, sorry for the slight derailment!
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    Snare stand for tom use… best results?

    Is that a Portlander?