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    Retail Rules/ Policies question

    I'm curious how this scenario is supposed to work - I may be incorrect but I think what I've discovered at my local GC is "incorrect" at best " illegal" at worst. If you've ever managed / worked in a drum shop and know the answer please enlighten me. First I have NO beef with these folks, the...
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    Go to Set Up for 6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty

    What's your go to set up for this iconic snare drum. Heads / snares / string, mylar straps , gross grain ribbon - what's your perfect set up?
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    How are lug inserts measured?

    I am working on a restoration project of a 1970's Pearl kit. It was filthy but 99% complete. The snare ( unsure of model) is the COS alternative to the Jupiter. One of the lug inserts is broken, the tube / threaded section has broken clean off from the flat bottom section. I only need one to get...
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    Need Audio advice ( Rookie here )

    I'd like to begin playing along to music ( drum less tracks etc). I want the capability to hear the music through quality speakers and headphones in the basement. I just have no idea what to buy. Budget is a concern for sure. So that being said is a laptop the way to go ? Or a tablet ? Is there...
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    Zildjian " Armand" Series cymbals

    I never knew these existed other than the 19" Beautiful Baby ride. I stumbled across them on You Tube recently. I would love to hear your opinions/ thoughts on this series of cymbals if you've owned played them. Thanks!
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    Bosphorus question

    I own a couple Masters Series cymbals a 19,20, 22 not the Vintage line just straight Masters Series. I have an 18 on the way that I just picked up from eBay should have been here yesterday but didn't arrive. The 18 and 19 have regular dark ink brand logos and size info but the words " Masters...
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    Larger Zlldjian IAK Crash

    Looking for a 19 or 20" IAK Crash. Please contact me.if you have one for sale, Thanks. Mike
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    Sabian Cymbals you wish they'd make or make again

    Like the title says, what Sabian cymbals do you wish they'd make or bring back? I saw this thread a couple years ago regarding Zildjian and there were some very interesting responses. I've recently discovered Sabians' HHX Complex line up so here are my wishes. All are HHX Complex - Swish or...
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    Yamaha SD296 Snare question

    Anyone here able to tell me about this little gizmo on a snare I bought today? I'm thinking it's a mount of some sort either for a stand like concert tom clip mounts or to convert to marching? Question is what is it for and is it original ? Mounting hardware doesn't match the rest of the drum....
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    TAMA experts Help please ID this snare

    Hi guys, trying to help an acquaintance ID this TAMA SLP snare drum. I'm certainly no TAMA expert but I cannot find an image of this drum and lug style anywhere....they're very Yamaha RC like in shape in my opinion. I've no idea how long the SLP line of snares has been out so I'm hoping someone...
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    Pearl Chad Smith Signature snare Value

    I'm looking at a Pearl Chad Smith snare black buckle over steel shell in mint shape for approx 150.00. It's not for me it's to upgrade the crappy snare on my friends daughters kit. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what these went for new ? $299? I just don't want to have him pay too much for...
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    Free to Good Home

    Okay guys I have a project on my hands that I just don't have time for. It's a Stencil kit that needs work. Apollo is the brand. It needs a deep cleaning / rust removal/ two reso hoops for sure. Sizes are 20/13/16/14 snare in orange sparkle. It even has all the original stands and some cymbals -...
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    Thinking about the Shell Bank Idea

    I'm seriously considering thinning the herd in the near future. Several points to make first Don't play in a band but would if the opportunity came along. Main musical interests Classic Rock / Blues/ " Yacht Rock " I am fortunate enough to have enough used gear to be able to trade for the add...
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    Advice needed Re-ring repair Slingerland

    Guys I bought a Slingerland kit a few weeks ago and I've started to strip it down for a deep clean/ polish new heads etc... I discovered some slight ring separation on the batter side of the mounted 13" tom. Slight, but it's there. Can anyone recommend a wood glue with a needle style applicator...
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    Best way to clean/ polish a vintage copper cowbell.?

    Like the title says ....I've recently acquired a Slingerland kit from the mid 60's. It came with Ludwig 1400 cymbal stands and what looks like a Ludwig copper colored cowbell. I cannot find a Ludwig logo but that's unimportant to me. It was wrapped in electrical tape so there's residue all over...
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    Slingerland Questions PICS Added

    Hi all, I'm going through a kit that I just picked up and I've got some questions for any Slingerland gurus here. Kit is apparently 1965 Pink Champagne Pearl, Black and Brass badges on Bass and snare only. 20/13/16 w a matching Artist snare, functioning push button legs on the floor tom. Full...
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    Strange Drum Sticks

    Anyone ever seen these sticks before? They came with a Slingerland kit I just picked up. I think it says HMC 9A strangely elongated tips too.
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    Detroit Blues Band " Real Life"

    Trying to help out a friend. Does anybody have contacts to locate a copy of this album? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in Advance , Mike
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    How to get a " Throaty sound" from a snare drum

    This will be vague on purpose because I am not ruling out any idea that may come my way from you guys. To try and define " throaty" sound I'm going to say if you've seen some of the new Rogers Dynasonic repro drum videos there are some 6.5 examples that are close to what I'm talking about and if...
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    Yamaha 90:s Club Custom 16" floor tom in Black Burst

    Looking for a Black Burst Tammie Club Custom 90's version floor tom. Legs or suspended either way. In VG + condition. Let me know if you've got one. Thx, Mike