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  1. drummertom

    Had anyone tried the new Rogers Powertone Snare’s?

    I knew we could count on you Dan! Looking forward to your review.
  2. drummertom

    Ellis Drum Co. kit 20/12/14/snare

    Ron Howden of Nektar plays a set of Ellis drums. I think he said his were two ply. Blue sparkle wrap, they sound excellent.
  3. drummertom

    Jim Keltner Played Original Recording of Aja

    During one the Johnny D "From My Drum Room" episodes with Steve, I asked about the stick click and he said it was an accident. Great either way.
  4. drummertom

    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    This has been turned into my latest snare by Gary Posey. 7x14.
  5. drummertom

    Rogers hardware score!

    Great score! I’d love to find a couple more swan leg stands to go with my kits.
  6. drummertom

    Fallon tonight with Reba

    Hope it went well!
  7. drummertom

    What's Your Approach to Playing in a Tribute Band?

    I had a post-Beatles tribute band where we played their solo material. Fortunately we didn't have to dress up (as that would have been tough dressing like all of those individual players) and we just focused on presenting the music like it was played on record. I focused on all of the...
  8. drummertom

    Summit Drums solid shell steam bent snares!

    That flamed maple snare is so nice. If I didn't already have a Summit maple snare I'd be all over it. I love mine. Someone is really going to like this snare.
  9. drummertom

    Yamaha Crosstown Hardware - Do you likee?

    I like the Crosstown stuff. I don’t think they look bad with my modern kits like Oriollo Phantom or Jenkins-Martin. Not sure how I’d feel using them with my vintage Rogers but that is probably just an irrational bias. I’m sure the audience wouldn’t care.
  10. drummertom

    Picked up a modern snare...

    Love the look of these. Maybe some day I’ll pick one up.
  11. drummertom

    Classic Rock Bands with No Original Members

    There is a difference between "original" members and "longstanding" members. Alan White and Steve Howe are examples. Not original but have been there longer than the originals. If you like the music and want to see it live, go and enjoy it.
  12. drummertom

    Summit Drums solid shell steam bent snares!

    Those are great looking snares!
  13. drummertom

    A great audition for band today

    Good to hear Dan. Hopefully more Dr. D gigs will be coming your way now.
  14. drummertom

    Why does no one sell their Jenkins Martin / Blaemire drums?

    Shells are thin, 3.5mm as Greg states. Here’s a pic.
  15. drummertom

    Sad news, Jim Petty has died.

    Sad news. RIP Jim.
  16. drummertom

    Nick D’Virgilio

    He really makes it look easy.
  17. drummertom

    Why does no one sell their Jenkins Martin / Blaemire drums?

    Great drums! I have a set in 20-12-14 with matching 5.5x14 snare, and just received a 7x10 so I can go two up. Love my J-M kit. Not muted at all.
  18. drummertom


    Oriollo Phantoms are great drums. I love my kit. Lightweight, great sounding and looking kit.
  19. drummertom

    SOLD *** Summit Drum Co. Walnut solid shell snare 14x5.75 *** SOLD

    Beautiful snare Todd. Sorry to hear about the damage, hopefully not too severe. GLWS. I recently bought a snare from Todd. Great seller and knows how to pack! Someone should grab this! Gary Posey is making some incredible instruments.