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  1. Tigerdrummer

    The real song is about 2 minutes in

  2. Tigerdrummer

    Heck of a drummer

    I really love his playing
  3. Tigerdrummer

    Local drum shops in Charleston, SC or Savanah, Ga?

    Are there any worth visiting? I may be going through there in a few weeks. Thanks
  4. Tigerdrummer

    There used to be a Yamaha Oak Custom group on Facebook

    I was a member. Then one day it disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to it and if there is a similar group other than the Yamaha Drum Closet?
  5. Tigerdrummer

    Sweet Home Alabama- I could do this and still miss a beat

    I love it but not 7 hours worth.
  6. Tigerdrummer

    Osteo Arthritis in knees- treatment experiences?

    I got diagnosed a couple years ago and got a cortisone shot. It helped for a while but it still acts up periodically. I can literally be fine one minute and the next step it starts hurting. Right now the Hihat knee is the worst but it is ok playing. I see ads for injections of gel at...
  7. Tigerdrummer

    To celebrate St Patrick's Day I'm playing only green drums today

    Of course I do that every day as its the only kit I use. But at least it is fitting today.
  8. Tigerdrummer

    Two rack toms-ride cymbal placement

    Ok I've got the two up and I'm going to play them. But for those of you who do too what ride placement do you prefer? At present mine is near the right most rack tom but I've been thinking about shifting it to above the floor tom. Now I'm a home player for fun and no profit. Just curious what...
  9. Tigerdrummer

    Quincy Davis- weekly jazz drummer tips

    I am the first to admit I'm not a jazz drummer. I would like to be but it seems out of reach as a drum newbie but I have enjoyed this guy. He makes aspects of it look doable though. If you haven't seen him you might want to look. He is pretty good.
  10. Tigerdrummer

    Garry Marshall famous tv and movie producer played drums

    I cant find any good footage of it. But I'v seen a couple of still pics.
  11. Tigerdrummer

    not a jazz drummer but would like to improve in that area- Peter Gunn

    I've been watching some old reruns of this series where Mancini was the music composer. Everyone knows the theme but at the start of each episode they play a little gentle comping song which is about the same each time. Turns out it is called Fallout. If I can just get a little of the gist of...
  12. Tigerdrummer

    Been listening to some Louis Armstrong and some of Danny Barcelona's playing

    Great player in a great band. He was a very talented and musical player.
  13. Tigerdrummer

    Working on the brushes this morning

    Fun but I have a long way to go. Shhhhh sh shhhh shhhu
  14. Tigerdrummer

    OT: PSA- If you drop something put your car in park

    before you reach to get it. There was a young woman killed locally who dropped her card outside the car at the parking kiosk. She opened the door to reach down and get it. In the process she hit the accelerator with her foot and the open car door pinned her head between the car body, door...
  15. Tigerdrummer

    Rich Redmond was on GMA 3 today

    I guess he is a drummer and motivational speaker. It was a brief segment but it was about drums. FYI, I am a bad drummer but much better than their anchors who tried to play.
  16. Tigerdrummer

    Metronome only

    I am looking for one that will have the beat and do 8ths or 16ths. Would you buy a device- which? or download one for the phone? I dont want a tuner just an economical one for home practice. Thanks
  17. Tigerdrummer

    Cymbal Comparison Matrix- does it exist

    I'm trying to find something that compares the manufacturers offerings by sound or use. What Zildjian ride might be comparable to another MFG's ride. I've seen things that compare price by manufacturer or pro versus starter cymbals. I play some K's that were my brother's. As big a drum...
  18. Tigerdrummer

    I just found this

    I had not seen it in years. Great song nd performers.
  19. Tigerdrummer

    History of the drum set

    I found it on Youtube with Daniel Glass. It is sponsored by Vic Firth and is several years old so many of you may know about it. I havent gotten to the part yet where the Drum Forum starts but I imagine its there. :cool: