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  1. Frank Godiva

    Frank Capp Interview - 9/3/1995

  2. Frank Godiva

    Mickey Hart Stage-used Sonor Signature drum set

    “Sonor Signature Series drum set with cymbals and hardware, played on stage, ca. late ‘70s, early ‘80s 7-piece drum set, including bass drum, snare, 2 rack toms, and 2 floor toms, synthetic drum heads, beech shells with bubinga finish, steel drum casings, brass Sonor plaques affixed to each...
  3. Frank Godiva

    Peter Gabriel and the Linn LM-1

  4. Frank Godiva

    OT: enjoy the Holiday
  5. Frank Godiva

    RIMS out of production

    Due to supply chain difficulties and rapidly increasing costs of materials, GPI has decided to discontinue making our RIMS® and Dynamount™ products. What we have left in stock is available on the RIMS® and Dynamount™ Order pages. Any sizes out of stock will no longer be available. In certain...
  6. Frank Godiva

    Happy 104th birthday to Buddy Rich

  7. Frank Godiva

    Dr Clem Burke 'The science behind the sticks'

    A typical representation of Clem’s heart rate trace during a Blondie concert is shown in the figure below. Heart rate response reflects the different energy requirements required to play each song. In 2004 Clem participated in a study exploring the estimated energy expenditure of...
  8. Frank Godiva

    No money in touring?

  9. Frank Godiva

    The Rhythmicon

    The machine came into being in 1931 when American composer Henry Cowell—in search of a means of translating his increasingly complicated rhythmic pieces—contracted Leon Theremin, inventor of the musical device that bears his name. Theremin came up with the Rhythmicon, “a quirky, clunky...
  10. Frank Godiva

    Harsh review of Ari Hoenig
  11. Frank Godiva

    JHE Royal Albert 2/24/69

  12. Frank Godiva

    Elvis and the Teardrops

    Tutt on his Sonor Teardrops before going Ludwig
  13. Frank Godiva

    Wedges making a comeback?

    One thing I noticed with Clapton and Trucks band this year is they are using wedges instead of IEM. Wonder why?
  14. Frank Godiva

    Jimmy Vincent does Sing Sing Sing

  15. Frank Godiva

    I made my best “drum kit”

    I must be too old to get why
  16. Frank Godiva

    Oasis drummer suffers heart attack
  17. Frank Godiva

    RIP Ron Bushy