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  1. Sambo84

    Bass drum foot freezing up?

    One thing I've been struggling with a bit technique-wise is my kick foot freezing up, and not exactly doing what I want it to do. I know the timing of what I want to do, but it feels like something shorts out between my brain and foot. For example I could probably play constant sixteenth notes...
  2. Sambo84

    Covering "Letters to You" by Finch

    Here is one of my favorites from the early 2000s . Also wanted to see how my new Pearl set would record. Used a free mobile app called Moises to remove the drum track that I thought worked pretty well.
  3. Sambo84

    Show promoters - slight rant but mainly a question

    Recently got contacted by a promoter asking if our band wanted to play a show at one of the clubs in town. I know the agency and we've played a few shows with them--the deal is it's pay to play , they want you to sell however many tickets and you got to keep a percentage after a certain number ...
  4. Sambo84

    Small metal piece on Ludwig Classic Maple tom mount

    Anyone familiar with this small metal piece that fits into the tom mount on the bass drum ? It keeps the bolt from jabbing the metal tube for the tom mount, but I can't tell if something is supposed to keep it in place when the mount is removed. I've had this set for years and whenever I...
  5. Sambo84

    Need help deciding on next kit! Ddrum or Pearl ?

    Looking at these 2 kits but can't really decide: I...
  6. Sambo84

    Best way to mount a second hi-hat

    Was considering ways to mount a second hi-hat, somewhere around my ride cymbal. Not with the remote pedal system but just a fixed hi-hat that could be mounted. I've seen some mounts from Gibraltar for this, but wondering what kind of stand can actually hold it with a 14" or 15" set of hats. I'm...
  7. Sambo84

    Thoughts on adding a second bass drum?

    I've been playing a single kick with double pedal for a while but considering the possibility of going to a 2 bass drum setup at some point. I figured it would be ideal to find another bass drum of the same build and size, but I've had a hard time finding one to match my 22x14 Ludwig classic...
  8. Sambo84

    How do I embed youtube videos in a post?

    Seems like I used to be able to do this but can't figure it out now. I tried both the old and new embed codes from youtube but neither seems to do anything, and the insert media button on here just makes a link. Any help?
  9. Sambo84

    Wilcoxon solo

    Here's me doing another rudimental solo, this time from the Wilcoxon swing solos book. I know the camera angle is weird but it's actually being recorded by my flip phone (I know, 2007 called..) so it is perched precariously on the music stand. Feedback welcome on this or my other solos. Sweet...
  10. Sambo84

    Me doing a couple of rudimental solos

    Here's me doing two rudimental solos from the Matt Savage book. I know the music is kinda cheese-core but these are definitely a work out, at least for me. Would love any tips/feedback!
  11. Sambo84

    What's the "Jazziest" Rogers snare?

    In other words, what's your favorite Rogers snare for playing jazz? Which has those sensitive, articulate qualities the jazzers generally go for? I know the wood powertones are probably most popular Rogers snares in general but I'm thinking a metal snare might be more suited for this purpose...
  12. Sambo84

    Rogers 26" bass drum

    How rare is this? What I don't get is why they would make a Tower shell in a custom size like this. Could it have been a marching bass drum?
  13. Sambo84

    Funny CL response

    I might feel the same way about a 60's gretsch prog. jazz in blue sparkle
  14. Sambo84


    I recently developed tendinitis in my right thumb tendon, which was a result of trying to play with traditional grip (I'm left-handed). One lesson learned~trad grip isn't for me. Doctor says I can keep playing, but it might slow down the healing. My main concern is how to keep playing when it is...
  15. Sambo84

    Rogers bass drums

    I have a Cleveland Rogers holiday kit on which the bass drum has the tom mount hole off to the side (and no cymbal mount). Because I play a left-handed setup, I can't use the mount and have to put the high tom in a snare stand. But it seems like I sometimes see Rogers bass drums with the tom...
  16. Sambo84

    GMS drums in dallas

    Don't see a lot of these around here but it does seem like a low price for GMS drums. Good deal?
  17. Sambo84

    Anybody played a Dream gong?

    I'm interested in Dream's gongs--they make sizes all the way up to 70"! There are just so few Dream dealers, I'm wondering if anybody has seen or played one first-hand. I read that they are made in Wuhan, China, but hopefully not by the same factory as the Wuhan gongs, because most of the Wuhan...
  18. Sambo84

    Best Mallets to use for Temple Blocks?

    I just won a set of Ludwig temple blocks (the newer, square ones)! I think if you buy them new they come with appropriate mallets, but what would you all suggest for the type of mallets generally used on temple blocks? I'm thinking either some hard plastic/rubber or harder felt mallets, but I...
  19. Sambo84

    Blue Sparkle Luddy DB on ebay

    One of my personal dream kits.. Always wanted a Lud in blue sparkle. This guy has the matching downbeat snare AND matching Jazzfest? Now that's just ridiculous... :notworthy...
  20. Sambo84

    Bozzio Clinic

    Has anybody been to a clinic by Terry Bozzio? He's giving one here in Dallas at Lonestar Percussion next month. I'm not necessarily a huge Bozzio fan although I did own a couple of Missing Persons records and I know he's a beast on the kit.. and I'll probably go anyway, cuz hey, 10 bucks. Just...