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  1. Elvis

    Ok guys, really...serious question here..... this for real? Pacific Drums and Percussion |
  2. Elvis

    Stomach Drumming

    Posted this as a joke at The Art of Drumming FB page and thought you guys might get a little chuckle out of it, too. I call this "Stomach Drumming" and its become my favourite drum. =)
  3. Elvis

    Need a hole in your head?

    Just found this at DfD. New to me, but its kind of a cool idea.... So, the little thing with the point on it goes in one of the holes and that's the center of your circle. The wheel at the end of the arm is a...
  4. Elvis

    Cymbal muffler? particular, "Cymbomute". Anyone ever use one? Do they actually work? Do they last for very long? Seems like an interesting concept. Thinking about getting some.
  5. Elvis

    For the guitar players here.....

    ...a little chuckler to help you through the holidays.... ...;)
  6. Elvis

    Bebop 101 : Joe Farnsworth

  7. Elvis

    Building reinforced shells, re: seams

    Does it matter where I place the seams of the reinforcement rings, relative to the seam of the shell, as long as they don't all line up? Elvis
  8. Elvis

    Gretsch RB "Anniversary Model"?

    You tell me! What's the history on this one? to the ad -->
  9. Elvis

    weird drum trick?

    So just now, I passed by the Sonor kit and I decided to give the ride a little smack with my thumb, then I shoved my hand over the bell, to get that harmonic thing. I was about to walk away, but tried it with the 12" tom before I did. I smacked the tom with my thumb and shoved my hand, opened...
  10. Elvis

    The Grateful

    I never knew one existed....and from the looks of it, I'm gonna have to take up smokin' way too much weed again, just to comprehend it! :blink:
  11. Elvis

    Would this work?

    Thinking about rewrapping a bass drum. ...contemplating Formica. Looks like it might be cheaper than actual drum wrap. ...but will it work? Can it be applied around a 22" bass drum and not break? Has anyone ever tried this? Elvis
  12. Elvis

    We're all DOOMED...

    Why learn how to play an instrument....all you need is an I-Phone these days......
  13. Elvis

    On-Stage Drumsticks?

    These guys --> Anyone use these? Are they worth the money? I just did the math and its just under $2.50 / pair. Liking...
  14. Elvis

    Live Jazz on FB...

    ...right now....
  15. Elvis

    OT: Doctor sings Imagine

    Just saw this on the news. Guy has an amazing voice! Powerful message, considering the situation we're all in right now, too.....
  16. Elvis

    Happy Birthday, Karen Carpenter!

    ...she'd have been 70 today...
  17. Elvis

    OT - party with yer buds AND help the enviroment!

    A biodegradable cooler? New to me!
  18. Elvis

    The Birthday Boys!

    ...Vinnie Colaiuta (64) and the late great Hal Blaine (would be 91 this year)! Both born, today, February 5th! =D
  19. Elvis

    Removing tension rods - bass drum

    Here's an interesting notion. Pull half the rods off your bass drum to get a different sound....
  20. Elvis

    OT: 34 years ago, this morning......

    ...a very hard lesson was learned....