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  1. Tigerdrummer

    I had a heart attack

    Glad you're ok. You were lucky. MY dad had one in his late 40's and he was gone by the time he hit the floor. Years ago medicine didn't know as much as they do now about this.
  2. Tigerdrummer

    More on Charlie Watts from Steve Maxwell

    Him helping Joe was great. I've talked to people who knew Joe and said he was a wonderful guy in addition to a great talent
  3. Tigerdrummer

    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    Traditional grip or matched??
  4. Tigerdrummer

    Gig that changed your life

    Love Cream both then and now. When I started dating my wife I found she had more of their music than I did. Naturally she was a keeper. And that was over 50 years ago (but not quite to 50 as far as married years)
  5. Tigerdrummer

    RIP Charlie Watts

    A little different vibe
  6. Tigerdrummer

    The real song is about 2 minutes in

  7. Tigerdrummer

    o.t. Tony's done.

    He is also a talented painter as I recall
  8. Tigerdrummer

    Late to the game (discovering Joe Morello --- WOW!)

    I just started playing a few years ago and discovered Joe too. Wow and then I found a local drum shop owner who knew him and saw him about once a year. Said he was a great guy and always willing to help players and stay around to answer questions. Seemed like even a better person than a player.
  9. Tigerdrummer

    I donated a kit today to local schools.

    I love the rewrap. Always liked WMP
  10. Tigerdrummer


    and a cowbell mount
  11. Tigerdrummer

    Dusty Hill - RIP

    Where they were to play is about 1 mile from my mom's house. With the right wind you can hear acts playing at her house.
  12. Tigerdrummer

    Gretsch Blow-Out Sale

    I dont need new drums. I really need new drums.:)
  13. Tigerdrummer

    Heck of a drummer

    I really love his playing
  14. Tigerdrummer

    OT: acid reflux and GERD

    I had adult croup once and reflux acted up at the same time. It made it a problem to clear up. Couldn't really sleep with and would wake up choking. Took weeks to clear up and spent a few days in the hospital. Sleep deprivation will get to you very quickly. And then my voice would cut out...
  15. Tigerdrummer

    Local drum shops in Charleston, SC or Savanah, Ga?

    Are there any worth visiting? I may be going through there in a few weeks. Thanks
  16. Tigerdrummer

    What happened to Joyful Noise Drum Co?

    Or central Ohio?
  17. Tigerdrummer


    I'd like to know more. CNC is what? I dont understand how you have a patent if the strainer isn't designed. But then I have little patent experience. Not trying to argue. I'm just interested in understanding. And last how are you marketing? Is there a niche or through internet, retail?
  18. Tigerdrummer

    Big Fat Snare Drum?

    I have the Original. Meh. Not so impressed with it
  19. Tigerdrummer

    At least the cat has his priorities straight…

    Shouldnt he be making cute videos on Youtube