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  1. Skeet6

    Victor Lewis, live now.

    Mike B
  2. Skeet6

    Nicole Glover, Holy Mackerel!!!

    She has renewed my faith that Jazz is alive. When Wayne Shorter himself shares "new music" on facebook, and it's usually Nicole - that made me know something was up with her. Bravo!! This a pure trio setting. She shines. Mike B
  3. Skeet6

    I'll just move that Canopus outta my way

    Mike B
  4. Skeet6

    Anthony Cole

    The great Anthony Cole with (my fave) Sam Rivers. Worth watching, great stuff. Mike B
  5. Skeet6

    Papa Jo - Caravan

    Not sure if this was shared here before, but it's a fun one. Mike B
  6. Skeet6

    Newer P-85 no-drill alternative?

    I've played the same few Ludwig Supras for years (since mid-80's). My 1968 6.5", my early 70's B/O 5", and my beloved 1995 hammered bronze 6.5" - never had an issue with a P-85, I know my way around them pretty well. Just picked up a very recent 5" hammered bronze, and the P-85 just kinda...
  7. Skeet6

    SOLD... 1 pair Ludwig snare 14" diecast 10 hole hoops - $75 shipped

    I bought these a little over a month ago - flawless condition, beautiful chrome. Batter and snare side both new. Decided to stick with the original triple flanged on this drum. $75 shipped to lower 48, elsewhere extra - see pics or email for more. Mike B
  8. Skeet6

    ca. 2000 Broadkaster satin wood finish

    I finally got my hands on a 10/12/14/14/18 Broadkaster in (darn near) collector condition - in Satin Burnt Orange. I have wanted a set like this since I first saw them in a shop in NYC when they were brand new on the scene. What is the finish? Is it a satin lacquer or a poly? Doesn't seem like...
  9. Skeet6

    Some new die-casts... I love them.

    Finally purchased a set of diecasts for my Precision bop kit. (Built in 2004, pic in avatar). Two of my kitties are eager to help! Mike B
  10. Skeet6

    Billy Cobham... always breathtaking - but dig this one!

    Billy was my biggest influence in the 80's and 90's. Stumbled across this one. I don't have any words - just dig it. Mike B
  11. Skeet6

    Looking for Gretsch snare lug springs

    Hey, all, as the title states, looking for 10 springs for the threaded inserts on double-ended snare lugs. (Broadkaster, 5.5x14). Brand not important, actually, so if you know where I can get a generic replacement, that'd be great, too. THANKS! Mike B