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  1. IJR

    Edge Cut Out Cymbals

    Mel Lewis had a famous A Zildjian ride with a cutout that darkened it. I've seen other drummers such as Antonio Sanchez with rides with cutouts. I have a 17" crash that was given to me that I repaired that has been one of my favorite cymbals for years. The cutout lowered the pitch, improved...
  2. IJR

    Progress As You Age

    I heard an educator say that most growth/skill is acquired before someone's thirties or late thirties. I am curious if anyone has info or personal experience of progress on the instrument as a musician ages. Obviously life/family/interest/careers can distract. Thoughts?
  3. IJR

    Music City Drum Show Cymbalsmith Booths

    I went to the Music City Drum Show in Nashville on August 7. It was my first time visiting individual Cymbal Smith booths. My favorites (not in order): 1) Bronze Pie / Koide Cymbals / PGB Artisan Cymbals A couple of Birk's Works Cymbals were probably my favorite at the show...
  4. IJR

    Ludwig CS Custom Birch 18", 20" (Preferably Tobacco Fade)

    This is a long shot, but my first "real" kit was the Ludwig CS Custom Elite Birch 10/12/14/22. I like it. I can get a nice clean tone (think modern Gadd tom sound). I added a 16" floor tom later, which I sometimes use as a bass conversion as pictured. I know they made 18" floor toms and a 20"...
  5. IJR

    66' Keystone Bass & 71' B/O Tom, Speedking

    White Marine Pearl Wrap Ludwigs $600 OBO 1966 Keystone: Bass 22x14 Has spurs and rail consolette and vintage heads (original?). $175 OBO 1971 Blue & Olive: Tom 13x9 Has internal muffler and vintage heads. Appear to be in good condition. See photos. Feel free to request...
  6. IJR

    Ludwigs: 66' Keystone & 71' B/O Advice

    Years ago, my dad grabbed these Ludwigs cheap on craigslist. I really like how they sound/feel/look. According to this guide: 1966 Bass 22x14 1971 Tom 13x9 I am considering selling one/both because: Minimalist tendencies. I know they have...
  7. IJR

    Rhythm Tech (Pete Engelhart Design) Find

    I found a Rhythm Tech (Pete Engelhart Design?) in a thrift store. I really like it. It has a lot of variety in color/pitch depending on how it's played. It's like the Frankenstein baby of an agogo bell and a frying pan with extra harmonics. I'm wondering if the two holes are for venting air...
  8. IJR


    Hello! I have been buying used rides online to try and am selling most now. I always listen to a soundfile before buying, so hopefully these are good specimens. I'll put them up on Reverb if they stay on the forum for a while. =========================================================== -All...
  9. IJR

    Transcendent Advice from Genius Drum Guru

    For anyone serious about getting to that next level. (From the vulf channel).
  10. IJR

    Wes Montgomery- Full House: Jimmy Cobb Cymbal Sound

    This is a great album with great drumming. Another side to Jimmy Cobb of Kind of Blue. Listen at 1:30. I'm amazed by the cymbal sound. I am sort of confused by it at certain times. It's like an intimate choked stick sound and also a distant wash that doesn't seem to match it. Something...
  11. IJR

    Achieving "Click Grip" or "Click Technique" on the Ride Cymbal

    Hi! I just joined the forum. I am a big fan of Bill Stewart's drumming. I saw him live in Little Rock last month- it was awesome! There is a distinctive "woody"/"clicky" sound when he strikes his cymbals. I've noticed it in some other players as well. I have seen very few mentions of the...