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  1. JimmySticks

    Aquarian DeJohnette Drum Heads

    I've been looking to replace my stock USA Remo drum heads that came on my Pork Pie bop kit for awhile now. I've been leaning towards coated Ambassadors and putting the PP coated heads on the reso side which now has clear heads. Seems to be the classic jazz set-up. But, I've been doing a deep...
  2. JimmySticks

    Who Likes Prototypes?

    I have 2 20" Paiste Prototypes that are my two main rides, one is a flat the other standard. I bought both of them at very good prices without hearing them and I got very lucky, as I love them both. Maybe it's because I got them at such good prices, I keep thinking there must be better cymbals...
  3. JimmySticks

    Fast Jazz Ride Technique

    I've been playing jazz for a awhile now, and I am pretty comfortable playing up to 200 bpm. Ride is still a good spang-a-lang, my feet keep up well and I can comp pretty comfortably. But I need to move on and get faster, and that's where my trouble is. I seem stuck. What do you do on the ride...
  4. JimmySticks

    The Stones To Roll On

    Just saw the following -
  5. JimmySticks

    The "New" Rogers Drums

    I guess it's been over a year now since Rogers Drums were re-introduced. I remember there being a lot of excitement over the re-launch of this legendary brand, but I also remember a lot of folks were taken aback at the price ($4250 if I remember correctly) of these new kits along with the lack...
  6. JimmySticks

    Drum Heads On My Bop Kit

    Hey guys, I bought a Pork Pie bop kit about 6 months ago and it came with American made Remo heads. They have the Pork Pie pig stamped on them. These are quality heads going by the look, feel and sound. My question is, what kind of Remo heads are these? Ambassadors or Emperor's? Or something...
  7. JimmySticks

    A Paiste Ride

    BUMP BUMP!!! Was $125 Shipped, Now Taking Offers!!! Just want to add, there are none available right now on either Reverb or EBay, except for one very expensive one from France. I wouldn't use the word "rare", but rather, hard to come by. Hey guys, I'm putting up my Paiste 1000 20" Power Ride...
  8. JimmySticks

    Custom BD Heads - Opinions Welcome!

    Because I don't spend enough money on drum stuff and I'm bored, I went to and started designing my own BD heads. I've done 4 so far, mostly pin up girl stuff, which I've always admired. You can see them below. Any of them clicking for you guys? Am I onto something or way off base...
  9. JimmySticks

    Yamaha Piccolo Snare

    Sold! Sold! Sold! Thanks for your interest guys!
  10. JimmySticks

    Twirling Drumsticks

    OK, so what's the consensus on the forum for twirling drumsticks? My guess is, it's not to popular -among drummers! But audiences seem to eat it up. They love the showmanship and it seems to bring a solo to a peak. Sonny is one of the better twirlers, not to mention great soloist too!
  11. JimmySticks

    The Drum Solo Discussion Thread

    There have been quite a few threads on solo's lately, so I thought I'd ask a few questions about them. Some guys love em, but more than a few don't seem to be fans. Personally, I'm more of a jazz solo lover than rock, (yeah, Buddy Rich style!) and trading fours are even better because you never...
  12. JimmySticks

    Greatest Drum Battle Ever?

    Leave it to Johnny Carson to put together two of the truely great swing drummers of all times in a battle like this! Some amazing playing by these two hep cats!
  13. JimmySticks

    How Many 20’s Is To Many?

    I changed my cymbal arrangement recently, and I realized that I had set-up all 20” cymbals. 1 Kashian ride, 1 Kashian china and 2 Paiste rides (1 flat), all 20”cymbals. I like the fact that everything is rideable and they seem to play well together as well. The 2 Kashians are very crashable...
  14. JimmySticks

    BR and The “Old Whip Cream Roll”

    I just watched a very short, super interesting instructional video from Ed Shaughnessy a few days ago. He once asked Buddy Rich how he got such a fast seamless roll going, and Buddy told him it’s the “old whip cream roll”, and it was something he learned from the old New Orlean drummers. I’ve...
  15. JimmySticks

    Pork Pie Snare Help Please

    Right now I play a Ludwig Classic Maple piccolo snare and it has that great pop/crack sound that a piccolo should have, but it can lack depth. I play a Pork Pie kit, rosewood/zebrawood, and I’m thinking of going with a matching Pork Pie snare for it. They come in different sizes and I can’t...
  16. JimmySticks

    An Unimportant Rivet Question

    I recently scored two Kashian sizzle china cymbals, one being an 18” with 6 rivets and the other is 20” with 8 rivets. Pretty amazing since I never thought I’d find even one! The best part is that they both sound amazing. I play chinas with bell up, so on the 20” the rivet heads face up and...
  17. JimmySticks

    An Agop Dark Crash - Sold!!!

    Hey guys, I’m selling my Agop ION 17” crash. It’s a really great crash, but I just don’t have a use for it now. Like new! Give yourself a post Christmas gift!! Price drop - $110 shipped!!! SOLD!!!
  18. JimmySticks

    Can a Paiste 2002 Do Jazz!?

    Like many of you, I’m always looking out and listening for that next great “last” cymbal, so imagine my surprise when I caught the YouTube video (below) and heard a Paiste 2002 Black Label 20” ride doing some spang-a langin jazz and doing it like it like a boss! I mean it sounded great to my...
  19. JimmySticks

    OT - A Conversation on Jazz

    Like many of you, I’m a product of the classic rock era. I’m 61 now, but as a young teen I did start out loving jazz. Then I picked up the guitar and I realized that jazz was going to be really difficult. Not to mention the fact that ALL of my friends were rock guys, so I gravitated to it and...
  20. JimmySticks

    Stock Drum Heads

    I recently bought a Pork Pie bop Kit and it came with drum heads made by “Remo” with the Pork Pie logo on it. Are these any good in your opinion? Are they like, or somewhat like, Diplomat’s or Ambassador’s? I have some heads laying around, Evans G1s and Calftones that I will try soon and...