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    Looking to find Ludwig SS cam slider

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a replacement (plastic) Cam slider for my Ludwig SS strainer (5.5 height). I used to know where I could get parts but that was a few years ago, I lost the info. Please help me fix this drum (someone dropped it for me!) Dennis
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    Dave Weckl on Matched vs Traditional Grip

    I noticed more than a few comments where the mention of the volume of music had a lot to do with why many players use matched grip. If a player feels like they can get more volume from hitting a drum just be switching the grip they are seriously misguided. What does matter (as was noted) is the...
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    WFL small concert toms on CL Det.

    I just caught these for sale today, maybe someone can use them, they look good!
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    Bad news for ME, and some advice for YOU

    Man O man guys, I can't thank you enough for the great word of inspiration. Here's the short back story for anyone interested. I have been dealing with this stiffness and tingling for over a year and a half. I wanted to continue playing with the band so I ignored it amd passed it off as me...
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    Bad news for ME, and some advice for YOU

    Recently (within the last year) I have been experiencing numbness and tingling in my right hand and right leg and foot. Myself, being a person that tends to ignore things, had let this go on for too long. In the last week I have been to see no less than 3 doctors in the ER, my regular doctor, a...
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    Just...great jamming!

    If there IS a drum god, his first name is Dave. I still own a pair of his sticks that he used in a clinic near my home. Him giving them to me was like catching the game winning home run ball at a world series game!
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    Double bass with NO CHOPS! UGH!! (rant)

    This! Perfect answer,.
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    Question-Drum Shell Modification

    Size isn't the issue here. You can cut the wood easilt enough, but the drum must have a even number of lugs. You have to be able to run the snares between equally spaced lugs. I've done it, but it is nothing like what you would expect. Usually tom toms have thinner shells and are not suited well...
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    Anyone self taught?

    Self taught here as well. I always thought that learning by watching someone else was what lessons were all about. I adapted things for my benefit, not that it was the "correct" way of doing it but it sufficed for what I wanted to do with it. I know that studying makes you better and ups the...
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    The Quest for the Perfect Stick...

    Oh yea, my "go to" wood. Only difference is I use the VF 8DN model. I like the nylon bead for cymbals. Great feel and matched balance. They don't chip up so bad as the Promarks.
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    Drum of the moment

    Dixon 14" x 5 1/2" maple with diecast hoops (added after picture was taken). medium tension with power center batter head. All around good sound for many types of music my band plays.
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    Would This Be a Good 'Starter' Snare Drum?

    Reiterating what the general populous has offered, I would keep searching for an Acrolite.
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    How do I make a 16" floor tom sound good?

    Tune the top head loose, make the tone at each lug match. Tune the bottom head tighter with equal tention at each lug. This works for most any 16" drums. Heck, I'm not apposed to using a small piece of gaffer tape to control the overtones on the top head. A Stensil kit may have problems with...
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    Whose job is it? (Rant)

    When you've established your musicianship skills, you have to learn skills in marketing those skills to be a viable asset in the local entertainment business. Outside of running local commercials on TV and radio, how do we do this? Word of mouth, lots of friends (that actually drink and eat)...
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    Whose job is it? (Rant)

    Never, never take a job where the club owner expects YOU the band to provide your own people to pay for you to play. Sure we invite people to where we play, and they DO come, but for the club owner to even suggest that you are not worthy of playing there because you have a slight following...
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    There's gotta be a word for this ...

    This happened to me more than once. Those splinters get caught in the most inconvenient places, and at the most akward times. The hi hat is one of those places. Instant beat drop!
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    Another drummer answer on Jeapordy

    COOL! But, did you say "who is?" or did you just shout out "BUDDY RICH!" I would lose if I ever played that game. I almost never answer in question form. hahaha
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    How does one actually steal a band member?

    How about stealing your way into a band. This is a band where you just know your input would help to improve the overall sound and vibe. This happened to me, or should I say this is what "I" did with my current band. I was listening to these guys suffer with a basher, and thought, man how much...
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    OT: Please, everybody has to chill on the drama here...

    Take some time off! I did. It makes the world of Forums seem mild mannered. I know we are all real folks, and i did miss some stuff, but nothing worth getting my pants in a bunch over. Walk away, shake your typing hands out, scratch your head...etc. Come back in and see how silly things have...
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    Kickports for rack toms

    Man O man, people trying to reinvent the hole. I know, we all need new holes...right? Marketing stuff like this must be fun. Imagine what it takes to sell this stuff to drummers that have not had to use gimmicks for over 50 years! Even the "kick port" is a way to make a bit of coin when there...