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    Anybody here got one of these? ...later version Ludwig and Ludwig 6 lug two piece brass shell snares?

    Is the drum in the video a two-piece shell? Can't tell from the outside bead.
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    I got me a big ol' pre-war brass Ludwig snare, today.

    That drum is worth more "as is" than it will ever be worth if ANYTHING is done to it (other than stringing some modern snare wires). And, well, you can try some modern heads. But keep/store those old wire-wound silk snare wires and the calfskin heads.
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    10 lug acrolite with keystone badge

    My error.
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    10 lug acrolite with keystone badge

    Yes, but not that p-85. The keystone badge had me thinking a p-83 would be correct. Regardless, the p-85 on this thread's drum isn't the 1969 p-85. I just get a little unnerved when strainers are "upgraded" without acknowledgement (and maybe without reason....).
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    10 lug acrolite with keystone badge

    Another older drum with newer P-85. I don't get it.
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    Late 50’s SS Radioking 14x5.5 needs a facelift

    I'd probably spend a little time trying to clean that wrap up before stripping down to the wood. Modern heads spin as it is; without wrap you might be heading into a "floating head" situation that doesn't give you the sound you've been looking for. And without the wrap, value drops.
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    Very Cool Walberg and Auge Kit Nearby

    $1000 seems reasonable to me. But I'm not in the market.
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    Ludwig "DeLuxe" concert snare stand

    That looks quite a bit taller than the base of Ludwig (& Ludwig) snare stand. As I remember, the basket tube that went into the base tube was pretty "skinny" compared to more modern folding ones. But it's been a long time....
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    Ludwig "DeLuxe" concert snare stand

    These snare stands show up in the 1935 catalog. The snare drum at my elementary school was a model No. 25 Standard Concert Snare, 8 X 15 with calf heads. First snare drum I ever played on.
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    Ludwig "DeLuxe" concert snare stand

    Those were standard issue in the elementary & middle schools (maybe still some in high school) in my town when I was that age in 1968 to mid-70s. Probably the town bought them in the late '50s/early '60s as the school system expanded. Maybe some were from the '40s. The base spins off so you can...
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    So, what have I got here y’all? Hint: Gretsch RB 14x6.5

    That came from me. When I got it, it was painted over in bright orange. Seemed like there was original blue/silver/blue duco underneath. I sent it to Jim Petty for refinish in 2002; he said the outer ply is gum wood, not maple. The top hoop is/was nickel (chrome? maybe) over brass double-flanged...
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    ‘62 Slingerland Black Sparkle snare

    But the interior photo shows what look to be original holes/nuts & bolts, at least since there don't seem to any extra holes. Curious....
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    What year is this piece?..Thanks...

    Looks like mid-1930s, 25th Anniversary era.
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    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    Sounds like you clearly don't like the older stuff. Hmm.... All the old stuff I have is going strong at 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 years old. Different strokes, I guess.
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    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    Sizes of drums? Can't tell from the photos. What badge is on the bass drum? Black & Brass? Serial number? Looks like no badges on toms. Snare with clips isn't a no-no, just not solid shell Radio King, so maybe a Hollywood Ace or Student RK.
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    SOLD. 1990's Montineri Custom 7x14 Maple Snare Drum

    Curious about the asking price.
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    Tama Pat 30 :You Need Three To Make A 3-Way

    In the '90s for awhile I had an 8X14 3-way with birds-eye maple exterior, 7 plies I think. It had a great tuning range. I wish, of course, that I hadn't let it go. No key but did have the original cloth bag with drawstring.
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    Help with Vintage Yamaha Birch Snare throw

    Loop a hair tie or rubber band around the tension rod to the right of the throw off lever, and then slip it over the lever. This will keep it in the on position. You can easily slip it off the lever to throw snares off. Looping the hair tie around the tension rod between the lug and the hoop...
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    Latest Project: Levon sells cartoon balloons in different shades of brown

    I'd like to do one of these kits with a smaller bass drum someday. How do yours sound together?
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    What on earth is this?

    Gumby's bicycle rack?