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  1. bon viesta

    how much would you pay for late 50s era zildjian??

    as a bass player now, and also coming of age, i find that i seriously need to find my own ways to make and spend money on things i want. no more mommy and daddy. and the other day i remembered i had a little trove of cymbals i don’t use anymore under my bed, and i've become a little out of touch...
  2. bon viesta

    how do you deal with noise during practice?

    if i had to say one thing that led me to playing bass much more than drums, it would be the noise. it’s waaaay to loud to comfortably play, even when i take many headphone precautions. i wear over the ear headphones, with noise cancelling headphones overtop. that, in combination with a sometimes...
  3. bon viesta

    that “help/rubber soul” snare sound from ringo

    how do you achieve that?! it’s not just ringy, but it’s kind of woody and clanky. it almost sounds like a cowbell. example:
  4. bon viesta

    do you have the same ability as me?????

    the ability to gauge a song’s release date by the drum sound. not the guitar sound, not the bass sound, not the amount of cigarettes you can hear the singer has smoked, the drum sound. even since i picked up bass as my main instrument, every single song has been accurately (by decade, a few year...
  5. bon viesta

    piano chord/bass octave combinations

    if anyone has a keyboard, or even better an actual piano, go over and play a c major chord with your right hand and a nearby f octave with your left hand. let it ring for a few seconds… why does that sound so good?? and then do an a minor chord with your right hand and a d octave with your left…...
  6. bon viesta

    urgent help regarding hearing!

    this whole month has seen me dive further and further into bass playing, which as a result has also dried up my activity on this site. but a few minutes ago i just got off the drum set (my playing has gotten sloppy, go figure) and it made me realize the same thing i’ve been realizing the past...
  7. bon viesta

    i’ve turned to the dark side!!!

    as you know, christmas is coming up, so what better time to weasel your way into getting your (though most of you here ARE parents, though i suppose that means you can still relate?) parents to help you pursue your endeavors? drums? they’re expensive, obviously. and i already got a good set of...
  8. bon viesta

    paiste 2002 cymbals throughout the years

    have they changed all that much? i’ve heard people say that the lathing has been identical since the 70s but when i see how they look in various drum demos/cymbal demos they look like something from an alien spaceship! AKA, modern. but like, not in an ugly way just in a... “was this really like...
  9. bon viesta

    did ludwig stop using the “thermogloss” technique to lacquering finishes in the early 80s?

    just wondering because these catalog pictures look much different than the general shininess/glassy texture, or maybe lack-thereof in the 60s and early 70s examples.
  10. bon viesta

    OT sorta: poor alan white

    nope, i didn’t make this, but i found it and thought you all would have a laugh about it.
  11. bon viesta

    when did ian paice use this kit?

    in case you didn’t know, which you likely didn’t because i haven’t really expressed it, i’m tooootally obsessed with ian paice. mainly his drums, as it seems to be with most drummers i idolize. but one mystery was always looming around, which is basically... when did he ever use this drum kit...
  12. bon viesta

    does anyone make repro ludwig double tom mounts? (maybe a suggestion for repro part manufacturers?)

    i’ve seen guys like jp2 productions and steve maxwell make reproduction ludwig parts, like mounts or spurs, among other drum brands, but is there anyone who makes production 70s double tom posts? they’re probably the most iconic ludwig drum part, mount, whatever etc. i know jp2 makes ludwig drum...
  13. bon viesta

    what drum wrap do ludwig factories today use?

    i’m guessing delmar drum wraps, but i’m not totally sure. surprisingly haven’t found a single thread asking this question. also does gretsch use the same delmar wraps, you know when it comes to pearls and sparkles and everything?
  14. bon viesta

    which ludwig badge are you picking?

    you make your choice... i wish i knew how to do polls but i have no idea where to find those lol.
  15. bon viesta

    OT: cozy powell looks “exactly” like john travolta

    well... i mean just look at it yourself. always thought cozy powell looks remarkably similar to a person or celebrity i’ve seen before, just finally connected the dots here.
  16. bon viesta

    did louie bellson use pancake toms?

    i’ll admit outright i’m not very well versed in jazz, i love jazz, and i listen to some of it but i’m not very well versed in it. but of course i’ve heard of the name “louie bellson”, the original mr double bass drum. but i swear his toms look oddly pancake-ish, and with the rogers photo below...
  17. bon viesta

    what’s with these bass drum hoops

    an annoying little thing came to my attention recently, though beforehand i knew it was there, but only because i knew something was a little off... when did ludwig start somehow generating these strange wood grain patterns into their natural maple bass drum hoops? it’s like a ring all the way...
  18. bon viesta

    any difference between modern ludwig sparkle wraps and the old ones (60s and 70s)?

    i swear they look a little different from each other, but sometimes they really don’t. maybe it’s the rubber gaskets throwing me off. but anyways any thoughts? other than the obvious dropping of the process that caused yellowing on various wraps. i’m guessing the little specks are bigger or...
  19. bon viesta

    interesting bonzo pic + a few others

    main photo of interest is just the first one, where you can see bonzo in the studio with his AWESOME maple drum kit set up, but there’s also a gong, concert tom set up (which i know he ordered from ludwig and got it with his other various maple add on drums) and his second floor tom. what...
  20. bon viesta

    a theory...

    so, we all know about plexiglass drums right? it’s said that the reason they’re so loud is because the plastic shells, unlike wood, do not retain vibrations and therefore when they’re struck they project sound outwards instantaneously. well anyways, i’m sure you’ve heard the old adage that raw...