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    Set the Pearls up

    I've had my Ludwig 6 ply Classics set up for the longest time. It was a good day to buy some new heads for the Pearl Masters MMX and set them up. I threw clear G1's on them and they are tuned on the tighter side. I need to dial them back a bit to open up the 10" a bit more, but the 12" and 16"...
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    New Snare on the way!!!

    I haven't bought a new (or old) snare since the mid-2000s and I'm long past due. I'd been considering the Pearl Reference Brass, Dunnett Stainless Steel or N&C SS snares for quite some time, but considering I'm not going out on world tour anytime soon, I figured I'd scale the budget back a bit...
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    Played 3 Kits today

    This morning I met up with my buddy at his practice space and got on his 3 kits- The first kit has a Ludwig Classic Maple 26x14 kick, 13/16/18 Slingerland 3 ply with A. Zildjian cymbals (snare was a Keller shell). The toms were dialed up pretty tight and had a round, jazzy sound. The A's were...
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    This was on my purch Tuesday

    I finally picked up a 22" 2002 Ride! It's been a while since I've played a 22" ride.
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    Broke out the Luddies for the first time in a few years

    It's been a while since I set up my late 70s Ludwigs. I put on some new G1's and an EMAD and they sound great. Can't go wrong with Ludwig..Paiste 2002's and a Zildjian ride that's about the same age as the kit.