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  1. TomInHouston

    Drum head pairing question for fiberglass drum set

    I have a 70's Pearl fiberglass kit that I am in the process of putting new heads onto. I have a few random heads that haven't been played on that have been gifted to me by a kind soul. I am about to work on the 16" floor tom. Here are the 3 heads that I have right now to work with: 1. Remo...
  2. TomInHouston

    Snare sustain question

    Lately I've been experimenting with a tuning app called DrumTunePro. It's going pretty well, but one question I have that I'm hoping someone can help me with. When tuning the snare drum, it asks for the fundamental tone you're going for and then gives suggested lug tunings for the top and bottom...
  3. TomInHouston

    Custom snare drum question: steel shell with fiberglassed interior

    I saw someone selling a customized Pearl snare drum. It is a 14" by 6.5" steel shell snare that they customized by fiberglassing the interior. It has a black sparkle finish and is fitted with Puresound wires (probably not important to my question). Has anyone ever heard of this type of...
  4. TomInHouston

    Pearl Chad Smith signature snare question

    What drum heads would you use on this snare?
  5. TomInHouston

    What type of batter and reso heads go well on fiberglass drumset toms?

    I am picking up a new kit tomorrow.. it's a 70's Pearl Fiberglass set. I'm attaching a pic of the set. I see that it has an Aquarian Regulator reso head already on the bass drum, and the guy that I'm getting it from said he put a new Evans head on the batter side. So I'm pretty sure I'm good to...