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    Essential for that laid back, in the pocket groove. :p
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    DCP Black Friday Preview

    I just got an email from them. I think it's OK to post part of it here. "....We've been getting a TON of inquiries about our Black Friday promotion for 2021, and we already have some very cool deals available, with plenty more to come! We’re keeping it nice and simple this year. No searching...
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    Mapex knocks it out of the park again!

    It probably sounds real good, but IMO it's kind of ugly. YMMV
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    Ludwig Diablo Red?

    Not an old Jazzette, but a new Jazzette. I'm OK with calling the current 18x14 Ludwigs Jazzettes. I've got an 18x16 Ludwig bass drum that Ludwig referred to as a 'power bass'. Not sure if they ever had another name for 18x14's.
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    Ludwig Diablo Red?

    I think the semi gloss finish is perfect for that color. Flat or matte could be a little drab, and high gloss could look too plastic/candyish. Not too little, not too much - just right.
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    What cymbals you have never tried but would you like to try ?

    I'd like to try the first cymbal Zildjian made in 1623. On a more serious note though, the new Mega Doom concept cymbal looks interesting:
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    2021 Music City Drum Show pics (Parts 1 & 2)

    Nice. Thanks for posting them. :thumbright:
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    Ludwig Legacy: 12” vs 14” BD depth

    I'd go for an 18x12 jazzette size if I was looking for a real compact kit, but for a 20 I'd probably stick with 14 deep.
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    What is the best floor tom size, and why?

    Big bass drum - big floor tom Small bass drum - small floor tom
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    Asking why you are selling

    Simple curiosity. Not much different from wondering what set someone on the forum is going to get to replace a set they're selling. I don't really see the harm in it. Just have a stock reason ready to hand someone.
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    Buying drums years ago Vs today

    I think you just proved my point. :dontknow:
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    Buying drums years ago Vs today

    Probably because there are so many variables that you aren't taking into account: advancements in production methods, country of manufacture and labor costs, economies of scale, similar sets from the same manufacturer, and so on. It's much more complicated than you're making it out to be.
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    Considering Cymbal Pack K Sweet Zildjian

    Does anyone still do that? I used to see a lot of stuff from Interstate Music, but they folded. They did clinics, and supplied a lot of stuff for the big music festival Summerfest. Most of it looked like new still, and they were offered at a good discount. Oh - about the boxed sets. I've...
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    Undecided between these two kits, please help me decide

    I had a couple of the Yamaha bop sets. They sounded great, but I couldn't stand seeing the 6 lugs per side on the bass drum. It bothered me enough that I sold them. Shallow - I know. :p So Tama wins on the 8 lugs per side bass drum. But IMO, it loses on the spurs. I also like the Yamaha...
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    Wow - all really nice sets. But all gone now. Do you still play? Bigger drums now?
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    Help with Ludwig kit

    A trade of the Club Dates plus cash for your Tamas might be something to consider.
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    1968 Ludwig Black Panther

    I don't want to derail the thread, but I missed the BP reissue. Are they still currently available?
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    Another orphan drum/spare parts Frankenstein kit here. 18" bass drum, with 13" mounted tom and 16" floor tom - Little Big Thunder. :laughing6: The toms are orphan Ludwig Accents, cut down and with roundover edges, and the bass drum is a mix of parts from 3 different manufacturers.
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    TALK ME DOWN! I really want this cool maple drum set... BUT I do not have room! WHAT DO I DO?

    I'd say if you don't want the PDP's bad enough to get rid of the SPL set for them - forget about it.
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    18/12/14 Classic Maple - year unknown If you stretch the definition of 'bop kit' to 20/12/14, here's my other one - 2018 Classic Maple