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  1. cruddola

    Were there additional musicians in your family? Tell us!

    I have three brothers and two sisters that are musical geniuses. The real deal. Different tastes each. If we weren't sleeping or at school we were playing and practicing together as a single unit. Our common denominator was improv jazz. We'd Q & A each other to death. We called it "Cutting...
  2. cruddola

    Wanted to buy Yamaha MCA 8” tom

    Anybody out there have a 8-inch Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in Plum stain for sale? Thank you!
  3. cruddola

    Your forever drum kit and why.

    After reading the posts of folks regretting unloading drums they loved and miss, have any of you settled with the kit you will NEVER replace and why? You know, the one kit they will find you dead at? Yeah, that one. Here's my take. I still have my '63 Slingerlands, '70 Ludwigs, '80 Sonors...
  4. cruddola

    Favorite drum hardware.

    Who's your favorite drum and cymbal mounting hardware maker and why?