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  1. cruddola

    Happy Birthday Viola Smith - Here’s her Billy Gladstone Snare Drum

    Viola smith is the very first drummer I saw on television. I was maybe five or six then. My mom said Viola was the Queen of drums. That stuck with me forever. The Mexican TV station just south of the border was the first station that played performance and concert videos and films from all...
  2. cruddola

    Hi there - new member

    Welcome. dude! You've found a good home.
  3. cruddola

    $500-$600USD beginner kit?

    After you find the one you like, then buy the next-step up.
  4. cruddola

    $500-$600USD beginner kit?

  5. cruddola

    Fender American Jazz 5 String or 4 String?

    My brother took a friend's 6-string Ibanez for a ride and loved it, but his hands said no within a week. He then went to a 5-string version. His hands said no within two weeks. He's back to his old quad-stringed Ibanez guitars. Old Age gets them all.
  6. cruddola

    How much weight?

    I've always used sandbags of various sizes inside the bass drum since the 60s. My uncles used them at the target range for rifle-rests. The bags were first used to hold down the crummy flat-based stands that came with my first Slingerland kit.
  7. cruddola

    Yamaha maple custom absolute snare SOLD

    Great drum! Wondering if you ever see the 8-inch YMCA in that color (Yamaha calls it Plum Stain) for sale, drop me a line. Much appreciated!
  8. cruddola

    Effect of stick weight on sound

    I know that feeling well. I felt the same way when I test-drove Zildjian's Mangini model of sticks years ago. I needed a couple inches longer for a tour that had a ton of percussion junk with my sister's band. Those two inches made for a much easier and less tiring gig. I had my dad...
  9. cruddola

    The Coyote cymbal sizzler!

    Those have been around forever. Had my first one in 1966. They've been around longer way, way before that. I used to hang dog-tag chains of various lengths too, ghetto-style.
  10. cruddola

    Tuning toms….tension

    Back in my Dark Ages I always tried to have a kit pre-tuned for a particular genre of music. Took me about a decade to do it and it served me for decades. I didn't like the hassle of tuning the same stinking kit for different jobs. Sometimes Birch drums were better for the job, sometimes...
  11. cruddola

    Now that Thanksgiving is over - Time for Christmas Music!

    In Chicago there's a version of the Little Drummer Boy. The Little Gunner Boy. Me and my gat, rat-ta tat-tat!
  12. cruddola

    Finally pulled the trigger (Gretsch Brooklyn Micro Kit)

    There should be a medal for her!
  13. cruddola

    Finally pulled the trigger (Gretsch Brooklyn Micro Kit)

    Where did she shoot you, and did it hurt?
  14. cruddola


    I'm too old for that.
  15. cruddola

    Yamaha Floor Tom Leg Swivels

    Try a Memory-lock. I forgot which one was perfect back when I went with putting all my drums, including floor toms and bass drums on the HexRack system. It might have been a Tama Titan memory-lock that was perfect on my Rock Tour Custom 18-inch floor tom. I had two that didn't like to stay in...
  16. cruddola

    Who was responsible for more drum sales. Krupa, Rich, or Ringo?

    I'm an old dude and haven't followed the drum scene for decades. I will only reference the times I did. For me I think it was Gene Krupa on those Slingerlands. Then Louie Bellson on those Rogers. He and his band played a concert at my brother's high school and he was banging away on a...
  17. cruddola

    Dusty Springfield VS Buddy Rich | The Feud of 1966

    Those Buddy recordings sound like the Pope giving his Holiday speeches compared to our high-school Band Director back in the early 70s. Buddy, a great drummer and a great prick. Lots of band leaders are that way. Ever hear Buddy trash-talking Country Music? I saw that interview on Mike...
  18. cruddola

    Finally pulled the trigger (Gretsch Brooklyn Micro Kit)

    Here I thought you shot your S.O. to get your drums! Excellent choice. Let's hope your S.O. doesn't rise from the hospital bed and get even with you for raiding the bank account. Congrats!!
  19. cruddola

    Gretsch rim cutting snare wire string?

    I'd put a file to it rounding that sharp edge.