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  1. Skeet6

    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    Here's a couple of 10/12/14/18 kits. Mike B
  2. Skeet6

    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    Yep, my daily ('16 Impreza) and my fun car ('09 Mustang) both manual trans. It keeps anyone else in the house from driving them. ;) Mike B PS: can be a pain in the butt in stop-and-go traffic, though!
  3. Skeet6

    Why I DON'T Miss Playing Live

    Same. I don't think he would have fared well on the NYC scene in the 90's, LOL. Mike B
  4. Skeet6

    Do you tighten all lugs & hardware new drums?

    Snug them back up, they'll get loose with use. Don't over tighten, though - can crush the plies with too much pressure. Mike B
  5. Skeet6

    Rims for vintage Gretsch restoration project

    Why not buy new Gretsch? Mike B
  6. Skeet6

    Lightly used drumheads - Remo (also Gretsch Permatone, Yamaha-labeled), Aquarian, etc

    Interested in 10/12/14 Gretsch Broadkaster heads. PM me. Wondering which BK logo. Thanks! Mike B
  7. Skeet6

    Mitch Mitchell Ludwig J.H.Exp REPLICA Drums (1967/68/69)

    Darn, beat me to it. GREAT JOB on these kits!! Mike B
  8. Skeet6

    Gretsch foul up qc funny story

    5 minute fix. Remove 4 screws on each spur base. (Shouldn't have to, but...) Mike B
  9. Skeet6

    22” Istanbul Agop Traditional Jazz Ride (2350g)

    My 21" Mel is my favorite of MANY cymbals. May need to buy another. Mike B
  10. Skeet6

    What Movies Used a Wrong-Period Drum Set? Add Your Favorites

    Chico was! ;-) Mike B
  11. Skeet6

    Victor Lewis, live now.

    Yup, that's the house kit. Mike B
  12. Skeet6

    KISS Creatures of the Night: the new beginning of KISS?

    Flop or not, I LOVE Music from the Elder ! One of my faves!! Mike B
  13. Skeet6

    Victor Lewis, live now.

    Mike B
  14. Skeet6

    Satin Flame cleaner?

    I'd just make sure it was clean, (no debris or other goop) like I mentioned above with warm water and soap... then assemble and enjoy. They look good to me! (Go a little extra on the chrome to really make it pop) Mike B
  15. Skeet6

    Satin Flame cleaner?

    Always start as mild as possible. I'd try some warm soapy water on an old washcloth. Mike B
  16. Skeet6

    90s Gretsch Broadkaster hoops

    Do you need 10 hole hoops? Mike B
  17. Skeet6

    Buddy and DW

    This was cool!!! Mike B
  18. Skeet6

    "You left something in your cart"

    I blocked the Sweetwater guy. Really annoying. Once, I got a call about 10 minutes after being on the site - kinda creeped me out. PS: I called on an item once and left my call back number with the salesman. I never entered it on the website that I remember. I am going over now to check. Mike B
  19. Skeet6

    Music Book Binding

    Agreed... I just bought probably my 5th or 6th copy of Syncopation - and actually found a spiral copy! ;) Mike B
  20. Skeet6

    What would you do?

    Sounds like you would be better served by speaking to your wife, and not us. In fact... counseling might be in your future. With you and her being this far apart on a major life decision - nothing good will come without some serious work on your relationship. Mike B