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  1. Stretch Riedle

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    I sold a snare to phdamage, transaction went well and easy! Stretch
  2. Stretch Riedle


    After a few decades of playing vintage Ludwig drums [3-ply with reinforcing rings] I prefer the sound I get from single-ply coated batter heads rather than two-ply. It can be Aquarian Texture Coated, Evans G1 coated, or Remo Coated Ambassador. I use clear resonant heads but coated work too. Stretch
  3. Stretch Riedle


    Late to this conversation. My "New Yorker" is a little different. I used a 12x20 marching bass drum [WFL I think] and matched it with an 8x12 and 14x14. Rewrapped in Oyster Blue Pearl. I LOVE my 12x20 and won't get rid of it. GREAT sound and cool size. Now I want to find a 12x22 bass drum. Stretch
  4. Stretch Riedle

    KEEPING IT/SOLD-----Ludwig 10x14 Tom - Concert Tom Convert - 1970 - Mod Orange

    BUMP I decided to keep this drum. I won't find another one in this size. What the heck. Stretch
  5. Stretch Riedle

    Pearl P3000D Eliminator Demon Direct-Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal -- USED

    So I have it listed for sale on Nice condition. I'll sell it here on DFO for $175 plus $25 shipping. Stretch
  6. Stretch Riedle

    SOLD===INDe 5.5x15 Kalamazoo Brushed Aluminum Snare Drum - 2020 - Clean; Price Reduced

    There's a short playing clip starting at about 2:25.
  7. Stretch Riedle

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Had an excellent transaction with lossforgain! Great drum at a nice price, safely packed, quick shipping, and of course most excellent communication. I'll get this one up soon on the Summit Drum page! Thanks again, Stretch
  8. Stretch Riedle

    Ludwig 5x14 Supra 1963 info

    Damn tease.....! Stretch
  9. Stretch Riedle

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Had a nice transaction with JimmySticks! He gave me a great price on a nice item, got it into the mail quickly, and wrapped it well. Thanks Jim! (Too bad the darn post office took 15 days to get the package to me. They definitely are moving slowly right now.) Stretch
  10. Stretch Riedle

    R.I.P Moody Blues Drummer Graeme Edge (80)

    R.I.P. Graeme...
  11. Stretch Riedle

    Cheapest place to buy Remo drumheads?

    I work retail in a music store, in the drum department. Right now it's taking us UP TO 3 MONTHS to get a delivery of drum heads once we place the order. It used to take about a week. US drum head companies still rely on getting the rings from overseas [China?] and with current inflated shipping...
  12. Stretch Riedle

    After 57 years of burying the beater…

    this...but so far for only 36 years Stretch
  13. Stretch Riedle

    MINT - INDe 6.5x14 None More Brass Snare Drum; Price Reduced

    BUMP--Price reduced to $725 shipped.
  14. Stretch Riedle

    Ludwig 9x13 Converted Snare Drum - 1968 - Mod Orange

    I bought it and snare beds were already cut into it. Since Ludwig didn't make a factory 9x13 Mod Orange snare, there really isn't a market value for this drum. It'll be worth whatever I'm able to sell it for. I set the selling price based on the market value of a vintage 9x13 Mod Orange tom, and...
  15. Stretch Riedle

    Inde tom legs

    Ludwig uses 9.5mm on it's vintage drums. I'm not sure if Gretsch uses 9.5mm or 10.5mm. Stretch
  16. Stretch Riedle

    DFO T SHIRTS and other items can be ordered here.

    I ordered mine today. Hope the 2XL fits me, since someone said get one size larger. I didn't see the tall shirt option, I'm 6'5" tall. Oh well. Happy to contribute to the cause. Stretch
  17. Stretch Riedle

    Inde tom legs

    I really like my INDe aluminum legs. Sold in 3 widths so they'll fit whatever mount you have. I add the Pearl Floating feet and get a ton of open sound coming out of my floor tom. Recommended!!!! Stretch