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  1. royal ace

    Celebrating Eddie Gladden

    No one does it better than E.G.! Dexter Gordon - It's You Or No One (1979, The Hague) - YouTube Uptempo blues with long solo by Eddie: Dexter Gordon - Backstairs (1979, The Hague) - YouTube
  2. royal ace

    The Sublime Al Foster

    If anyone else streamed Small's last night, they saw a superb rhythm section: George Cables(b.11/14/44), Ron Carter(b.5/4/37 & Al Foster(b.1/18/43) They were in full control and ageless, as is the music they played! The leader, saxophonist Tim Ries merited their company... as did Gregoire Maret...
  3. royal ace

    Stu Martin

    Coming across this comment by rondrums51 in another thread had me remembering Stu: "Also, my old drum teacher Stu Martin told me that Jack DeJohnette demolished that Hollywood kit with Miles." The only time I saw and heard Stu was at The Crawford Grill in Pittsburgh in, I believe, '60 or '61...
  4. royal ace

    18" ZILDJIAN TRANS STAMP crash ride.. SOLD

    Superb condition; 1570 grams, 2 rivets $270 shipped in continental USA demo by previous owner (weight stated incorrectly)
  5. royal ace

    Another 18" Trans Stamp

    Just when I thought, "I don't need another cymbal", this came along and I couldn't resist! 18" Trans Stamp; 1542 g (seller's pics... I don't have it in my possession yet) It's all due to playing... and loving... this 18" all over again after years on the shelf As an aside; the...
  6. royal ace

    Attn. Zenstat: Various Trans stamp types

    I thought it might be worth starting a new thread on the topic. These images were made with the incomparable Nikkor 55mm Micro lens (purchased new in 1971) mounted on a Nikon D 80 digital camera. As the stamps differ slightly in detail, perhaps Zenstat could establish a time frame for them. 1...
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    To all my friends at DFO:

  8. royal ace

    New Acquisition: Le Soprano Prima Original

    I like it!
  9. royal ace


    Does anyone have experience removing a stain from a calf head? I was thinking of applying a diluted bleach solution with a q tip. I just acquired this head. it's in excellent condition and I'd hate to mess it up trying to erase a minor cosmetic flaw. The drum sounds even better than it did with...
  10. royal ace

    What became of Mike Terrani?

    Many here will remember Mike. He was a frequent poster on DFO with a passion for vintage drums, an arcane knowledge of drums and drummers, as well as many opinions which he freely expressed. He had a blog about drums and drumming. My google search came up empty. Ron
  11. royal ace

    EVANS Strata 1000 heads

    I've ordered one out of curiosity... couldn't resist the price. Any comments from those with experience? Ron
  12. royal ace

    RIP Frank Wess 1/4/22- 10/30/13.
  13. royal ace

    22" Agop Signature Ride, 1739g

    My newest edition to the Agop collection... weighing 1737g, it's extremely thin for a 22. The seller's demo here is quite accurate in conveying its qualities: Ron
  14. royal ace

    Lucky Sonor Phonic score

    It's pretty rare to find a 12x8 Natural Beech Phonic on Ebay that's a perfect match to my 12/14/18 set... ... win the auction and then... even better.... find it's actually a 13x9!
  15. royal ace

    Pete La Roca Sims passes...
  16. royal ace

    Great Interview with Billy Hart
  17. royal ace

    20" TOSCO; 2014g

    Fortunately, the seller misstated the weight. It was listed at 4 lbs but it turned out to be 4.5 lbs. Had he stated it correctly, I would probably not have bid and missed out on a nice cymbal! Ron
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  19. royal ace

    Charles Lloyd and Jack D

    40 years old or so and as surprising and fresh as can be... still a reference standard. Ron &feature=player_embedded
  20. royal ace

    Turkish K

    I'm trying to decide whether to let this one go. It's 2137g. Feedback would be appreciated. Ron