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    GMS SE 5 Pce Maple set

    Not my sizes, but, love those lugs. Great, functional design!
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    Are tribute bands illegal?

    How ‘bout The Doobie Brothers In-Law? LOL!
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    Are tribute bands illegal?

    Yup! That’s what I mean! LOL! Enviable collection!
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    the unholy marriage of boots and tambourine

    Just a reminder that not every new idea is a good idea!
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    How do you know when it’s time for a new drum teacher?

    There are great players who aren't great teachers. Not everyone is equally able to share their knowledge and skills with students. One thing you can do is tell him/her that you want to take a break from lessons, and then do some due diligence finding a more appropriate and/or qualified teacher.
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    Are tribute bands illegal?

    I wonder if the Allman Step-Brothers Band would fly?
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    Are tribute bands illegal?

    Quick question! Do you have to pay extra for that signature? [Runs for cover].
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    Are tribute bands illegal?

    Anyone can sue anyone for anything. That doesn't mean the suit has merit. There are remedies for defendants who get hit with meritless lawsuits.
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    Are tribute bands illegal?

    Here's another point of view from a musician/patent attorney: "Tribute bands are covered under the same licensing agreements as cover bands and other live musical performers. These performances do not infringe upon the rights of the copyright owner when done with permission. The three major...
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    Ludwig Hammered Bronze Snare

    “Flitz” metal polish does a great job on cymbals.
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    I keep getting asked for my YouTube drum tracks

    Drum parts are not copyrightable. But, the recording of the drum part is. You have to have authorization to sample a recording. PS: What Tornado said.
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    I keep getting asked for my YouTube drum tracks

    Why illegal?
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    I rule!

    A great drum is a great drum!
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    I keep getting asked for my YouTube drum tracks

    Anyone else notice that the older Jimmy Page gets the more Asian he looks?
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    I keep getting asked for my YouTube drum tracks

    You can always answer that your isolated drum tracks are available for purchase.
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    Hi there - new member

    Or, pet them first?
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    Jimmy Smith’s Opinion

    Ooops! Forgot to mention the album “Off the Top.” (1982).
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    Jimmy Smith’s Opinion

    I have this album on vinyl. On the last track, Jimmy Smith Rap, he lays his opinion on us. Not sure if it’s working out like that. But, jazz isn’t dead yet. It just smells funny.
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    Cymbal Packs..Is there usually one clunker in there?

    Tame hats are a blessing in a piano trio.
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    Shuffles (thank you Rob Brown)

    Grady Tate’s shuffle on Organ Grinder’s Swing is the hardest grooving shuffle I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t hurt that’s he’s playing with Jimmy Smith. Note that the shuffle is only on the ride cymbal. He’s playing 1 and & of 2 on bass drum, and cross stick on 4.