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  1. Houndog

    Drum mics

    I want to get the smallest drum mics I can , my Sennheiser e 602 s are in my way . I run 8/10/12 racks so it doesn’t take much to make me feel cramped on the 8 and 10 . I did a google search but didn’t find the really small ones I’ve seen .. I’m thinking like this but maybe not as...
  2. Houndog

    Another Buddy story

    I hadn’t ever heard this one . “When I first joined Tommy Dorsey’s band,” Nelson Riddle told the National Jazz Archive in 1967, “Gene Krupa was the drummer. Then Buddy Rich was discharged from the Marines, and he came back on the band. I'd say his drumming improved the band's sound. But...
  3. Houndog

    Get Back

    Watched it today , thoroughly enjoyed it . I wasn’t a fan in my younger days . Never disliked them . But after watching the Paul McCartney series earlier and then this . I am becoming a huge fan …..
  4. Houndog


    I was searching for Fibes kit for sale this am for a Buddy and ran across this article . This is my kit , I had them shipped from Poland …Ha !!!
  5. Houndog

    Pro on a local pick up gig ..

    I watched a pro drummer , we are talking big league. Playing in a local bar with local guys on an unrehearsed pick up gig Holy cow , the groove was so deep I couldn’t believe it …….. I’m set to get lessons ……
  6. Houndog

    OT - Dad Jokes

    Whatta ya got ???
  7. Houndog

    Porcupine Tree

    New album and tour forthcoming, New single out today !!!! Yes !!!!!!!
  8. Houndog

    OG Pearl Rack

    Wasn’t someone in here looking for one ?? On Facebook……
  9. Houndog

    Very eye opening .

    I’ve seen 2 Zoro clinics and attended a masterclass . I think his teqnique is absolutely flawless it looks so perfect and relaxed . If you don’t care for preachiness scroll to 10:25 . This concept has perhaps opened my eyes more than anything yet on drums … He didn’t talk about this approach...
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  11. Houndog

    Natural Talent / Lessons / Desire …..

    Thoughts on Natural talent vs Desire … Some think you either have it or not and lessons won’t help . Some think anyone can play what they desire if they just put in the time . Can lessons help you develop? I’m not sure what my thoughts are .
  12. Houndog

    I keep getting directed to ….

    On my phone when I navigate the site I keep getting directed to website . I just flew to LA and back and it started doing it the day I flew .. At 1st it was only redirecting me when I tried to view a certain thread now it’s getting so bad I can barely navigate the site …
  13. Houndog

    Top ten …….
  14. Houndog

    I was last night years old .

    When I discovered how great The Eurythmics were …..Clem Burke on drums too !!!
  15. Houndog

    OT , Just bought another van !!!

    I totaled my van last year , due to passing out while driving home with my medical condition at the time . I bought a Honda Pilot to replace it figuring I’d just get a 5x 10 trailer to put gear in . Well I decided I didn’t want to hassle with pulling a trailer and then parking it at venues . You...
  16. Houndog

    Nick D’Virgilio

    Watched a few vids this weekend , not to mention all the great Sweetwater demos he does … He blows my mind , just as good as anyone out there …….
  17. Houndog

    OT What series to watch ???

    I’ll start Brockmire is extremely good . Been enjoying Ted Lasso Reservation Dogs is good . Atypical is pretty good too I need some more suggestions…. I thought Breaking Bad was overrated And I have no interest in Yelowstone.
  18. Houndog

    Russ Kunkel

    What a resume !!!!
  19. Houndog

    The Greatest Snare Tuning Trick ever ..

  20. Houndog

    Dream Eclipse series

    Anyone have or played ? Thoughts ? I was thoroughly impressed .