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  1. JayT

    New York Noo York

    Ever since I moved to Brooklyn 6 months ago, I haven't be able to play my kit. My blue strata Standards are still in Toronto. Sitting around collecting dust and making me quite bummed out. I know there are alot of New Yorkers on the board, so I ask... where do you play/keep your kit?!?! I want...
  2. JayT

    Modern Acrolites

    So with the popularity of the Luddy Black Magic snare as a low cost option for a BlackBeauty, I've been checking out the Black Galaxy snares. Ever since I joined this forum, all I heard was "stay away from these drums like the plauge!" But why?? At one time a Keystone Acrolite was seen as a...
  3. JayT

    Cool Lugs

    So I'm going to FINALLY make good of my plans to put a kit together from my old Pearl Export 1980's kit. The shells are sitting in my garage (insulated) not getting any use. I'm thinking of adding some gold die cast hoops, and a nice purple glass glitter wrap. But 1. I've lost half the original...
  4. JayT

    Vintage Drums down under?

    Hey guys, I know a few of yous guys live down here in Oz, and I've been here about a week on tour, and I've got a few days off, and I'm looking to check out few vintage gear spots. Are there any? Are any affordably worth my time? Also, beautiful country BTW.
  5. JayT

    Repairing Vistas.

    To add another question to the vista mix, there's a spiral Vista on eBay that's in horrible shape. Split right at the seam. How much work would it be to get this tragedy back in shape?? Just as a question really, I wouldn't want to be the one to put the work in on this thing... Last year, I was...
  6. JayT

    Art Blakey Wash?

    &fmt=18 What kind of cymbals is Art Blakey playing here? Such great wash!
  7. JayT

    Pink Oyster

    Gents & Ladies, really quickly. I feel like I might have asked this before. But who made the Pink Oyster wrap for the Ludwig 100th anniversary snare? It's gorgeous. I would love if they offered it as an option. Or do they?
  8. JayT

    Ludwig Standard on eBay might sell cheap? Intersting... The kit is a disaster and they are starting it at $300? I figure it's condition might ward off some folks (I would stay away from it) But if it stays low and goes for under $400 I think that's ok. I mean, you're...
  9. JayT

    Oyster Wrap?

    Anybody know who is making the wrap for the Liverpool 4 kits from Ludwig? They are the most bang up replicas of BOP that I can find anywhere on the web. And my naked shells really want to get out of the Garage for the winter, and into the house for a warm project!
  10. JayT

    Good looking Acro

    This Acro is sitting at $98 at the time of this posting, and I reckon in 11hrs it'll be a good buy still. Keystone with only a few dings here and there. It's more dirty than anything else...
  11. JayT

    Galaxy Wrap

    With all the talk of customizing a Legacy kit new from Ludwig, I've really considered it, and I think I'll go for it at some point. But I'm not crazy about any of the colours available. Even the Psych Red and Mod Orange colours don't appeal to me as the wrap pattern is just so slightly off...
  12. JayT

    Checking in with my BOP

    Hey guys, It's been a few weeks since I posted here. I've been on the road for a few weeks and as it goes, quite busy! But luckily I was able to get backline ordered, and they came through with exactly what I asked for! A vintage Ludwig kit. But to my surprise it was a 65 Black Oyster in...
  13. JayT

    Ludwig Marcher in Hip-Hop video (slightly OT)

    Hey guys, I was hired by my best friend KJ to be the "drum consultant" for his music video. (Really, he just asked me about a marcher) And there's a cute girl playing a Ludwig marcher drum, so that racks up more points on top of the fact that he's a great rapper. Not sure if it's everybody's...
  14. JayT

    Great day out in the sun! Vintage Gold Sparkle!

    So whenever we fly to gigs, I ask that I get a "Vintage Ludwig drumkit circa 1960-1975" on our tech rider. Usually, this means a brand new Yamaha or Pearl kit. Which I play and tweak to get a sound I like. I'll usually bring along my Acro so that my snare sound is just right. But on this...
  15. JayT

    Do I want these Vistas? I'm not in the position financially to be considering this set... But the money is in the bank and I'm tempted... I've never been a huge Vista fan. I wanted the re-issue Bonham set from back in the day, but I've never cared all that much for the drums...
  16. JayT

    Bought another Acrolite!

    So I'm in Washington DC, and the band has a day off. So I was walking by a pawn shop close to the hotel when I spotted an Acrolite B/O snare in the window. I had actually been looking for a new music shop to buy a snare stand. But I popped in and noticed the price tag. $40 for the snare and...
  17. JayT

    You shoot, you score! Best Vintage finds?

    Sorry, the title is a product of being Canadian, and Stanley Cup finals. Now, there have been some amazing scores in the past few weeks. Some amazing Psych Reds, $3 Acros, and forgotten Supras. And it seems some of us have been able to get close to these amazing scores, while others toil at...
  18. JayT

    K Custom Hybrids?

    Hey guys, not much over on this part of the boards much, but just wanted to get some feedback as to the newer Zildjian Hybrid cymbals. I really do want Constantinoples, but I can't spend that money... And I've played a 21' Hybrid on the road for 3mths and loved it. I want the Constantinoples...
  19. JayT

    Ludwig Pink Oyster Pearl?

    Does this wrap actually exist anywhere? I've yet to see a full kit of it.
  20. JayT

    How do YOU play 2 toms up?

    Ever since I was a kid, my favorite drummers played 1 up, 1 down. But my Pearl export kit had two rack toms and a floor. Much to the chagrin of my oler brother who was also a drummer, I would always take off one of the toms and play the way I saw the cool dudes play drums. And every single kit...