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  1. backtodrum

    1000 posts

    I've been a member here since 2006. It has only taken me 15 years to reach a thousand posts! Lol! good grief I just happened to notice my post count just now...
  2. backtodrum

    remove Remo logo on bass drum resonant head

    Has anyone removed a Remo logo recently on a black gloss bass drum head? Can you just use Lacquer thinner or Acetone as in the past, or have they changed the ink formulation? I don't want to buy a head and then be unable to get rid of the logo. I know of a brilliant pinstriper that does amazing...
  3. backtodrum

    Rim Riser 30 ply cross stick enhancer

    Has anyone tried one of these? I was wondering if they were worth the money?
  4. backtodrum

    Lug splay

    This might have been discussed here earlier but I couldn't find it... I need some advice, I just acquired a Ludwig supraphonic 402 61/2" buy 14" that I am interested in installing some tublugs to offset the inherent lug splay from these newer shells being slightly smaller in diameter that their...
  5. backtodrum

    Dean Castronovo

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard anymore about Dean Castronovo's legal troubles? Is he out of jail? in rehab? It was all over the news when it happened and then everything went silent. I was just wondering? I don't get it, here he was a monster player and on top of the world career wise...