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  1. JayT

    How Do 70s Ludwig Vistalites Sound?

    Just bought a set of clears. Haven't played them out yet, but really looking forward to it. I disliked Vistas for a long time, but at some point, heard a set on tour and fell in love. I'd be interested in finding out if those bearing edge things do actually work.
  2. JayT


    Come on. Are you kidding. Be nice. He's trying to drum up some business for CHARITY. Using his ART. Your response is uncalled for and flat out rude. I'd be interested in this kind of thing if you could set up a site, create a mission statement and really have things together. Even if you sell...
  3. JayT

    New York Noo York

    Ever since I moved to Brooklyn 6 months ago, I haven't be able to play my kit. My blue strata Standards are still in Toronto. Sitting around collecting dust and making me quite bummed out. I know there are alot of New Yorkers on the board, so I ask... where do you play/keep your kit?!?! I want...
  4. JayT


    I'm not a fan, but it's better than rust and chipping I guess.
  5. JayT

    i want to kill mattspickens career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with you Anthony, but sometimes it's easy to forget the way we put things out there on the internet come off very different than in real life. Try something like "I want to hold his parakeet hostage until he stops slaughtering drums!"
  6. JayT

    Ludwig "dirty projectors" Super Sensitive Snare Project

    Your buddy is in the Projectors!? Cool. What a GREAT band.
  7. JayT

    My new Legacy Review

    If I might chime in... I'm by no means a rich man. But one man's $3,000 is not anothers. 3k is not at all a lot of money. For what you are getting? Simple defects come with any product made on an assembly line. Even if they are made by humans. I just mean to say, without any disrespect...
  8. JayT

    guess who likes maple cortex?

    How much? If you don't mind me asking...
  9. JayT

    More Standards

    I really like Standards with lots of white. Looks cool to me!
  10. JayT

    Standard Red Strata alert

    And few standard kits have been popping up on eBay.
  11. JayT

    Standard Red Strata alert

    Most Standards are going for near $500 right? I mean, the condition is good, seems to make sense to me.
  12. JayT

    here is what i want to do!

    Hey Archt, Could you post a few pics of your kit again? Would love to see how it looks as a reminder.
  13. JayT

    here is what i want to do!

    Sounds super cool. But also sounds like a lot of moolah for wrap.
  14. JayT

    Saving "curled" hoop inlays

    Hmmm... Sorry I have no answer, but this is very interesting, and I look forward to seeing on answer on this one.
  15. JayT

    Ludwig Guys IN NEW YORK!!!!

    Just sent a message. Will be driving from Toronto to NYC on Sunday evening, might have to make a pit stop..
  16. JayT

    OT: Found my first GRAY HAIR :(

    I started graying at 17, I'm 26 now, with a large single tuft of grey on the top of my head. No spread just yet.
  17. JayT

    WWoooowwww!! So, So, So beautiful!!!

    Is this the new Burgundy GG???? Wow. I didn't know it was so nice.
  18. JayT

    Tired Of Hunting For Rare Drum Parts?

  19. JayT

    Is Ludwig Psych Red wrap (or very similar, LOL) available anywhere?

    I'm not at all a fan of the Jammin Sam or the Element wraps. They just don't do it for me. Yes, if I were to get any Psych Red not vintage, it would def. be the monroe kit.
  20. JayT

    Question For The Ludwig Guys

    Snare too!? And it's not an Acro right? I mean, It should be shouldn't it?