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    ASBA Drums on Facebook Marketplace

    These beauties came up in my Facebook Marketplace feed: Edit - looks like you need to log into Facebook to view the ad. From the looks of the the inner shells, I guess these are stainless...

    Ludwig Standard Bass T-Rods

    I'm searching for 7 bass t-rods for my Standards. If anyone has any, let me know how much. Thanks! Steve

    St. Louis Drum Show

    The St. Louis drum show is taking place this Saturday, 10/19. Are any forum members going?

    Hunting.... 6X5-1/2 & 8X5-1/2 Pearl concert toms

    I know this is a longshot, but I'm Going to throw this out it out there since none seem to show up in the usual places. I'm curious to see if anyone has an old, early 1980's Pearl Made in Japan Maple 6X5-1/2 & 8X5-1/2 concert toms that are just taking up space that they would like to get rid of...

    Radio King Replacement Snares Recommendation

    I recently picked up a 70's COB Radio King with a 3 point strainer, and am looking for recommendations for replacement snares. I prefer Puresound's, but it doesn't look like they are making direct replacements any longer. Please post what you guys are using, any recommendations are appreciated...

    Latest Ebay Score - COB Radio King

    Been awhile since I've gotten anything too exciting, but the dog woke me up early this morning. I figured I'd scour Ebay to see what was out there, and this popped up. It needs a badge and the seller stated it has some dents, so I'll have to perform some "body work". Not too often that these...

    Admins - Two user names

    Question for the admins: I figured that I have two user names - sksmith & sksmith-1. Can you guys combine them under one of my user names (sksmith)? Thanks, Steve

    Big "R" Rogers Value??

    A pawn shop near me has a yellowed New England White Big R Rogers set, I think the sizes are 12/13/16/22. The mounted toms and bass have Memri-Loc hardware, while the floor tom has Swivo leg mounts and legs. Im curious about the value of these drums, and if the Swivo mounts are common or were...

    Rewrapped Mod Orange Value Question

    With all of the Mod Orange showing up today, I was wonding what the value would be for a Keystone Mod Orange kit in 13/16/18/22 configuration? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Steve

    Material / Thickness for lug / bracket gaskets

    Does anyone know what material and thickness the gasket material is for lugs and floor tom leg mounts? I have a 1983 Pearl MX that I rewrapped and would like to put some gaskets on the floor tom leg brackets. I can get lug brackets from Jammin' Sam, I just need to call and order them, but the...

    Slingerland Concert Tom Question

    Hello, I'm thinking of a new project, finding orphan Slingerland's for a re-wrap project, and have a question about their concert toms. If my memory is correct, these has the bearing edges cut on both sides. Is this correct? If so, I may pick some up that need some love. Let me know if you can...