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  1. spelman

    What's your favorite drum ad image?

    From Modern Drummer 1995.
  2. spelman

    Let’s see your Band’s bass drum logo head

    You are right about a Lexington band called Velvet Elvis, they are not active anymore. There's also the Velvet Elvis "Las Vegas party band" ...and the WA Velvet Elvis Band.
  3. spelman

    Porcupine Tree

    I thought the guitarist for that tour was Dave Kilminster. Was it this gig?
  4. spelman

    Help About Hi Hat DW Mount

    He is turning the clutch, it's dw's "incremental clutch".
  5. spelman

    Flat Bell Cymbal????

    It looks like Jim Keltner is playing an all flat-bell set (prototypes) in this early 90's picture:
  6. spelman

    Flat Bell Cymbal????

    Four lines with the Alpha crystal crash.
  7. spelman

    Anyone playing Ddrum?

    They wanted to start fresh , I guess. From Wikipedia: The DrumIt Five is an electronic drum line produced by 2box, a Swedish company started by former employees of ddrum.
  8. spelman

    Johnathan Moffett

    Maybe it's the Michael Jackson connection, IDK.
  9. spelman

    Mounting Arm Extensions??

    Isn't that basically a DW dogbone?
  10. spelman

    Least Favorite Singer Names Favorite Drummer of All Time

    From Modern Drummer 5/1991: Robyn Flans: Let's begin with your joining New Bohemians. Matt Chamberlain: I was playing in a band in Dallas called Ten Hands, when New Bohemians were starting to happen. Chris Whitten played on the first album, and when they got back from recording, they...
  11. spelman

    Least Favorite Singer Names Favorite Drummer of All Time

    No, this story is not true. It was the original drummer, Brandon Aly, who didn't cut it.
  12. spelman

    Bad Drum Finish Color Combinations

    This picture usually shows up in these kind of threads:
  13. spelman

    Gavin Harrison with click. Amazing or trickery?

    Here is what Gavin himself said: My question is I still enjoy your Letterman performance and always wondered what you had in your in-ear - was it a just a straight click or did you use a bar counter? I imagine its a little tricky to play a long solo where the band will still come in after? I'm...
  14. spelman

    Talk about high cymbals - Ahhh, the 1980's

    Well, this was the album they toured:
  15. spelman

    Classic Rock Bands with No Original Members

    That would be a very fitting band name.
  16. spelman

    Classic Rock Bands with No Original Members

    No. From Wikipedia:"The Hollies are an English pop/rock band from Manchester. Formed in December 1962, the group originally included vocalist Allan Clarke, lead guitarist Vic Steele, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Graham Nash, bassist Eric Haydock and drummer Don Rathbone. The band has since...
  17. spelman

    Classic Rock Bands with No Original Members

    He quit in 2008.
  18. spelman

    Tama Fibrestar snare drum

  19. spelman

    Prototypes you wish were in production?

    22" Paiste Masters Flatride.