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  1. rsq911

    Today is Ludwig Super Sensitive day!

    It is Monday, and time for some Ludwig Super Sensitive (and Sensitive), love. Ludwig, if you are listening, bring them back!
  2. rsq911

    Touring drummers question about the “artist/s” choosing your gear

    Hi everyone! This is sort of for Bun, Trey, Chris, and all others in gigs (past and present), about gear for tours. Have you have gone on a tour where the artist/s, or management, has specified what gear you are to use? Specifically color, size, brand, etc… I have a couple of friends that...
  3. rsq911

    Aquarian reflector heads

    Good evening everyone! I have been using Remo emperor batters on my toms in both the coated, clear, and renassaince versions, and I am considering trying the Aquarian reflector series. How do they compare tonality wise, durability wise, and decay? Thanks!
  4. rsq911

    Conducted/directed this weekend

    Conducted and directed Friday night at the college I teach at. Attendance was about 40-50, students families (and mine).
  5. rsq911

    New Ludwig concert/orchestral snare in the works

    Hi everyone- Jim Catalano shared this on LinkedIn. Ludwig is going after the orchestral crowd, yay! It is reminiscent of black swamp and clevelander, but that is okay. I wish they would bring back the super sensitive already!
  6. rsq911

    Rare or “unique” Ludwig snare wires

    Greeting DFO’ers! Here are some photos of three different versions of “unique” Ludwig snare wires. P109 “two-tone” all in one wire and gut P1222 super sensitive 9 wire 6 gut ind. adj. P417 super sensitive nylon first gen. 1966 ind adj Enjoy!
  7. rsq911

    Anyone gigging with calfskin heads?

    Hi everyone! Are any of you gigging with new, or original, skin heads? I have done a couple of symphony gigs with them, but no kit.
  8. rsq911

    Mystery Ludwig snare stand

    Has anyone seen one, or owned one? They were only shown in the 1980 catalog. It was the hercules pre modular era, and listed as the 1374, which is the regular hercules tube leg, black knob stands.
  9. rsq911

    Ludwig Classic hardware gone?!

    Hi everyone! Maybe I am late to the party, and this has already been talked about, but.... It is no longer on their site! I would have kept the lightest and heaviest and done away with the middle, but I guess it was not selling, or other.
  10. rsq911

    Ludwig twin channel die cast hoops!!!!

    Absolute favorite of mine! Catalog scan from 1981, and an original first generation box I still have!
  11. rsq911


    My awesome wife purchased a starter pack and a chromatics pack for me. The starter optimizer pack has a complete hi hat set, one ride pad, and three cymbal pads. The chromatics are five to a pack. I am a believer! They are dense foam and come in different diameters and thicknesses. Other than...
  12. rsq911

    Ludwig "DeLuxe" concert snare stand

    Has anyone seen one of these, or own/ed one?
  13. rsq911

    Values of NOS snares, and drums

    Hi everyone! This thread started because I have a brand new (nos), 1994 Ludwig black beauty piccolo, engraved, limited edition with number plate, in the plastic bag, in the case, in a plastic bag, in the original cardboard box. How much value is added to a drum if it is brand new, unplayed, and...
  14. rsq911

    Case foam crumbled “goo”

    In my cases for my octobans, and a flight case for accessories/toys, the foam has crumbled and turned into a gooey mess. Anyone else have this issue before? How do you get the remnants out without a tarry disaster?
  15. rsq911

    OT: Paralympics 2021

    All my wife and I can say is "WOW!" Amazing athletes, great spirit, appreciation and love for one's teammates and country, and the musicians!!!
  16. rsq911

    Revisiting Bonham

    Between my classes today, went to Youtube, and listened/watched Led Zeppelin live playing Kashmir. John just plays/ed the most pocket, heavy, grooving, laid back beat.
  17. rsq911

    Zildjian Earth Ride

    Hi everyone- I got it in 1984, 22”, still love it! Granted it is not for everything, but…. still love it!
  18. rsq911

    The early 90's drum sizes, aka "Weckl"

    Greetings everyone! By chance, did any of you then, or now, use the 8", 10" mounted and 13", 15" floors with a 22" kick? I have a current kit that is 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, but never did the "in between" floor sizes.
  19. rsq911

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Sad news…… another great has been called home.
  20. rsq911

    Accessories for stands, heads, and function

    Hi everyone! Kickport…. I bought two of them and actually like them. No muffling on my kicks. Gig Rug….. folds up into compact space and has a built in block for the bass drum for zero creeping! Hi hat clutches…. The Gibraltar quick release, no more loosening! Second to my Sonor Signature...