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    Jimmy Smith’s Opinion

    I have this album on vinyl. On the last track, Jimmy Smith Rap, he lays his opinion on us. Not sure if it’s working out like that. But, jazz isn’t dead yet. It just smells funny.
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    Memphis Drum Shop Formula 602 ME Demo?

    What a beautiful looking cymbal! No really! But, on your next demo, maybe you could demonstrate HOW IT SOUNDS!!!
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    Baddest Drumset Samba I've Ever Heard

    I have this video lesson on VHS. Haven't seen it in a long while, and just found it downloaded to YT. Anyone who has watched Gary Chaffee's videos knows the brilliance of his approach to drumset playing. Anyway, check out the samba lesson beginning at about 29:00 minutes through about 34:00...
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    Cool Jazz Names

    Ever notice that some jazz musicians have the coolest names, and that some names just say “jazz musician?” Here are some of my favorites. What have you got? Cyrus Chestnut Monty Budwig Cleveland Eaton Billy Strayhorn Curtis Lundy Cecil McBee Rufus Reid Leroy Vinnegar Reggie Workman Mulgrew...
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    Randy Bachman’s Stolen Guitar Recovered

    Was a fan of The Guess Who back in the day. Never heard about this.
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    Jim Keltner Played Original Recording of Aja

    According to Rick Beato. Who knew this? Would love to hear Jim Keltner’s take on this tune. Has anyone heard it?
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    OT American or Irish

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    Alan Dawson Take 5 Samba

    Very cool with Dave Brubeck and (I think), that’s Gerry Mulligan.
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    OT: Nerd Ball! Yeah, That’s Right!

    Too funny!
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    Suspension Mounts on Bottom of Toms!

    Anyone try this? Does it make a difference?
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    Interesting Article on Bearing Edges!

    I don’t know if this article has been posted or discussed. But, it would be cool if DFO builders and/or dealers would comment on the premises in the article. For your review:
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    David Chiverton with the Tal Cohen Trio

    I had the privilege of seeing the Tal Cohen Trio on Saturday night. Wow! They blew the roof off! I had only recently heard of drummer, David Chiverton, but, never seen him. What a talent! And the mid-song communication between him and pianist, Tal Cohen, was amazing to watch. Here are a...
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    Question and Opinions Wanted About the Ludwig Triad Mounting Bracket

    The question is, does the Ludwig Triad mounting bracket have the same hole spacing as the Classic Bracket? I can't find a direct answer on DFO or elsewhere online. Also, any opinions/feedback on the positives and negatives of the Triad vs. the Classic brackets is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    I Think I Have A New Stick!

    I was at G.C. today looking for some new sticks. I've been playing the VF Erskine Ride stick for jazz for years. I love the stick, but, I prefer a lacquered stick for the tacky grip, and Ride sticks have been coming in totally bare for a few years now. Well, I saw a stick I hadn't seen before...
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    Steve Gadd and Vinnie Colaiuta Recording

    Don’t know if this has been posted already. And, not sure when this session occurred, but it was just uploaded to YT a few days ago. Interesting to watch.
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    RIP Chick Corea

    I haven’t seen this posted elsewhere on DFO.
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    Drilling Classic Maple Ludwigs

    I am considering drilling my FT for leg brackets (and dispose of the Atlas lug/mounts), and drilling my BD for a tom mount. I haven’t drilled a drum previously, and before undertaking these endeavors, I would want to know that I am drilling EXACTLY where the factory would drill the same holes in...
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    Gadd's Office!

    Around 2005, I saw Steve Gadd in a clinic. After looking at the "office pics" posted by some of the DFO members, I remembered that, during intermission, I got this pic from behind Steve's kit. I thought you guys and gals might get a kick out of it.
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    The Amazing Giovanni Hidalgo: The Sound and The Inspiration

    After posting an Ignacio Berroa video on Cuban rhythms applied to drumset in the teacher's forum, I came across a couple of Giovanni Hidalgo videos that I thought you guys would appreciate. The amazing sound (and skill) of a young GH's congas in this video just blow me away! Even after...
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    Comping Workout

    This is a workout that I came up with many years ago and forgot about. I was inspired by a local drummer (who I haven't seen before or since), who could play ridiculously fast and tasty patterns between his snare and bass drum while maintaining the ride swing pattern when trading 4's. All...