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  1. Anthony84

    I want another snare, maybe

    Have you tried cast yet?
  2. Anthony84

    6.5x14 Gold Series Oak Stave Snare

    Complete the collection!
  3. Anthony84

    6.5x14 Gold Series Oak Stave Snare

    Thanks! Indeed they are. Affordable to boot to for being a stave snare.
  4. Anthony84

    6.5x14 Gold Series Oak Stave Snare

    Overall great shape. Just selling off some of the snares I rarely use. Comes with triple flange hoops, and currently has an evans genera hd head on it. $350 shipped OBO. In Los Angeles if you’d like to pick it up.
  5. Anthony84

    Outlaw Drums Bandit Series Blue snare 14x6.5 Stave Maple Mint

    This is essentially a brand new snare. It’s been sitting in my closet for some time now. I’ve never actually hit it with a stick let alone mount it on a snare stand. It does look like it’s gotten a few hits probably from people at the shop I got it from. I just have way too much gear and I’m...
  6. Anthony84

    Best Double Pedal for the Money?

    DW5000 and Iron cobras are the most ubiquitous for a reason. I just seen a pair of Iron a cobra doubles for $70 the other day on offerup. The new ones have a slightly longer board.
  7. Anthony84

    The Travis Barker Reverb Sale

    Thought I was going to see some cool snares or something. Turns out it’s mostly ghetto blasters.
  8. Anthony84

    Regarding kit setup.

    Is your leg at about a 90 degree angle? You might be stretching out your leg too much. I’ve seen drummers make it work the way you have your kit set up, but the way you have it looks like you have to stretch left. Try bringing the snare closer to the bass drum rim. Maybe even centering it, then...
  9. Anthony84

    Got bit by the Gretsch bug...

    Nice! I’ve always played Tama. There’s nothing to me that can top a Starclassic. But hot damn, maybe I should give other makers a try. Those are great looking kits! I don’t understand where the brand loyalty comes from. I have a gretsch bell brass snare and love it. I hate the lightning throw...
  10. Anthony84

    Evans G14 head

    2 years of perpetual condensation/ humidity, I can see it happening. Great snare head! Excellent rebound due to it being 1ply. Just wish it had more attack.
  11. Anthony84

    The best snare drummer video!

    Revolutionary single rolls I have yet to develop by this amazing Italian drummer.
  12. Anthony84

    Songs with Bad Memories Thanks to Your ex-Lover(s)

    Well, no bad memories. Just memories to when I was a wee lad and had some of the best sex I would ever have. The Smiths and Buzzcocks. I would later re-discover that asswipe morrisey and get touched by the depth of his lyrical content. Hahahaha!!!
  13. Anthony84

    What Are You Listening To?

    This German grindcore band is rad! Eastwood Also my buds from Leeds Ona Snop. Great musicians! This post rock/metal Band is great too from Vegas I believe
  14. Anthony84

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    I got one of these acrylic SLP snares to go with the big black steel kit. 5mm thick, die cast hoops, and killer hardware? Yes please!
  15. Anthony84

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    Not recent, but I haven’t touched it. It’s been sitting in the garage half a year now. Going to bring it out soon and take it to the lock out. TAMA SLP Big Black Steel kit
  16. Anthony84

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    I’ve been wanting one of these cast steel snares for a while now.
  17. Anthony84

    Drawbacks of Electronic Drums

    Price to actually get something decent. You have to spend like $1.8k minimum to get something of quality that you will actually enjoy playing with a responsive module. Roland is always high priced, but ATV has some sets that feel great that are a level or two below their flagship.
  18. Anthony84

    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Decently priced pearl reference snare
  19. Anthony84

    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    For thr A&F fanatics!
  20. Anthony84

    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    I think it might be a little overpriced, but I definitely would’ve gotten it if it was a cast VK snare.