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  1. Funkeecowboy

    Slingerland Stage Band 14” Floor Tom

    Maybe a long shot but I’m looking for a 14x14 Slingerland Stage Band floor tom in red sparkle (Sparkling Red Pearl). I have a mid 60s Jam Session kit that I’m on the fence about keeping. If I can find a floor tom it’s staying here, otherwise it will be in the marketplace soon.
  2. Funkeecowboy

    WTB 12” Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl

    Looking for a nice, 3 ply Slingerland 8x12” tom in Black Diamond Pearl. Thanks!
  3. Funkeecowboy

    OT Which headphones for flying?

    My wife and I have a number of long flights coming up in the next few months and are looking for new headphones. We’re thinking noise-cancelling but I would be open to isolation style as well. I’ve heard a lot about the high end Sony and Bose options but $300 is a bit more than I’d like to...
  4. Funkeecowboy

    Rogers Memriloc Thumb Screws / Wings

    Looking for 2 wing/thumb screws for a Big R MemriLoc floor tom. Willing to buy as singles.
  5. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD 12” DW Snare for sale or trade

    Sold on Reverb, thanks. 4.5x12” DW Maple Snare - previously posted in the Swap section, now adding a price of $225 + 1/2 shipping. I picked this up recently because I love 13” snares and thought a 12” would be cool. It’s a fantastic drum but I don’t have a use for it. It's a terrific side...
  6. Funkeecowboy

    Cleaning out the stick bag

    Doing some spring cleaning and have a bunch of new and barely used sticks for sale. Will be adding some brushes soon. Minimum order is 3 pairs of sticks NIB $5/ pair Used $3/ pair We will split shipping costs. For sake of shipping costs, minimum order of sticks and/or brushes is $20. Batch 1...
  7. Funkeecowboy

    WTB Slingerland Consollette Rail Mount

    Finally getting my Slingerland BDP orphan kit finished up but need to find 60s era bass drum rail mount/ consollette. Looking for the 2 hole version. Looking for something in good working condition - not a mint condition collectors piece. Let me know what you have!
  8. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD 17” HHX Evo Crash for 14” Pork Pie snare

    Listed in the WTS section but would trade for a 14” (depth doesn’t matter) Pork Pie snare drum. I can add a little dough for one of the B20 finish drums.”-sabian-hhx-evolution-crash.180378/
  9. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD 17” Sabian HHX Evolution Crash

    Looking to sell a pair of Sabian HHX Evolution Crashes. Sold 17” HHX Evo Crash - thin, trashy, and fast. No cracks or keyhole but has a small bend on the edge (typical of this series). $160 plus 1/2 shipping. SOLD 19” HHX Evo Crash - really fantastic 19” crash but a little large for my...
  10. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Rare Premier Signia/Genista 6.5x14 Symphonic Snare

    Here is an exceptional - and rare - British made 6.5x14” Premier Symphonic Snare Drum. From what I’ve gathered it was made in the 1990s with top of the line Signia hardware on what is most likely a birch Genista shell. The shell and hardware combination along with a parallel strainer create a...
  11. Funkeecowboy

    WTB Slingerland 16” Floor Tom - Black Diamond Pearl

    This may be a long shot - I’m looking for a players grade Slingerland 16x16” floor tom in Black Diamond Pearl. I’ve cobbled together an orphan kit of Slingerland BDP drums from the 60s & 70s but need a floor tom.
  12. Funkeecowboy

    Camco bass drum pedal

    Looking for either a reissue Tama Camco pedal or a vintage Camco pedal in excellent shape. Let me know what you have!
  13. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD 16” Sabian AA Thin Crash

    Nice Sabian AA 16” Thin Crash for sale. This is a nice one with thin edges and most of the weight in the bell and cup. Weight is 1100 grams but it plays a lot lighter. $100 shipped east of the Mississippi, $110 shipped west of the Mississippi.
  14. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD 20” Zildjian Canadian K Ride

    Here’s one you don’t see everyday - a Zildjian 20” K Ride made in Canada, most likely by the last Zildjian employees from Turkey. This is a very nice medium ride weighing in at 2390 grams. The stick sound is dark, warm, and complex with a complex wash. Feels and sounds like a Turkish cymbal to...
  15. Funkeecowboy

    FOUND 13” single hihat 800-900g

    I have a pair of paper thin 13” hats and I would like to add a heavier bottom for increased versatility. I’m looking for a single 13” hihat weighing between 800 and 900 grams - it can be either a top or a bottom hat originally. I prefer a B20 cymbal from any maker in the vein of an A or K...
  16. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Ludwig Blacrolite with Tube Lugs & P86

    SOLD Hi all, Selling a nice Blacrolite that’s been updated with tube lugs and a P86 strainer. It’s a great playing drum but I have other aluminum drums that I tend to gravitate towards. I think the tube logs open it up a bit while letting the drum resonate better. Overall condition is good-...
  17. Funkeecowboy

    Pair of Gretsch Tom Brackets G9020 Gunmetal Finish

    Selling a pair of nice 12.7mm Gretsch tom brackets in the old Gunmetal finish. These came off a Broadkaster kit at some point and are in excellent shape. $60 shipped in the US.
  18. Funkeecowboy

    Rogers Swivomatic short tom arm

    I need a single Rogers Swivomatic short tom arm. Let me know if you have one to sell!
  19. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Sonor Sonic Plus Jungle Kit - German Birch shells

    Sonor Sonic Plus drum set for sale. This kit was made in Germany and has Birch shells. It’s a Jungle Kit with smaller sizes to be more compact and easy to transport. They sound great, especially the bass drum - it has tons of punch and low end for a 16” kick. These are high end German shells...
  20. Funkeecowboy

    WTS Sabian AA Raw Ride

    Update 12/17 - the AA Raw ride is still available, everything else has sold. 20" Sabian AA Raw Ride - cool, super dry cymbal drilled for rivets. I picked this up from another forumite a few years ago and have enjoyed it but now it's your turn. Great dark, dry stick sound with a nice bell and...