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    It's a musical instrument. You play music on it.
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    Camco Reissue Pedal

    I have a Tama strap drive. Functionally identical to the DW 5000's I have for sale. I gig with the Tama because the frame is a bit lighter, but I could sell you the Tama and keep one of the DWs just as easily. PM me if you're interested.
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    Yamaha single braced hihat

    8 I believe. For modern holes.
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    Yamaha single braced hihat

    Works good. Old reliable. $40 +shipping
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    2- DW 5000 strap drive pedals, foldable

    I've used these for years. They work like they're supposed to. Both in good shape. One has a hard felt beater, one has the 2-sided plastic/felt. $75 + shipping each. Buy both and I'll pay shipping. I have a couple of these beaters with not much use I can include for another $15 each...
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    My endorsement story...because of the Jordan/Stones/Yamaha thread..

    I have an endorsement with Canopus and with Bosphorus. I don't play arenas. 20 people is a good crowd for my gigs. My music will never be on the charts, and no one is going to buy drums or cymbals because they saw me play something. I get a nice discount on gear, and the A&R guys are very...
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    New Release on Mahakala Music: Two Five None

    check out the liner notes for the story.
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    New Release on Mahakala Music: Two Five None

    Thanks and kudos to you for being open. It's a quality in short supply these days. My experience is that our ears adjust if we take the time to explore new sounds. And after a bit, we start being able to hear what the musicians heard. Enjoy.
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    New Release on Mahakala Music: Two Five None Duo.
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    Ludwig Speed Flyer pedal

    I played on one on a backline kit this week. I loved it. Much more fluid than the DW/Tama strap drive cam pedals I've been playing for years. I'm ready to drop $209 for one. Any reason I shouldn't?
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    GONE 20" Bosphorus MASTERS VINTAGE flat ride

    I know this pie. It is exactly as sir dean describes. And sir dean is always a gentleman. So it's a no-lose deal.
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    Do You post drum videos on instagram?

    I upload videos sometimes - did a bunch last winter. I also put out info on releases. That's about as far as my marketing gene will stretch. @hirshdrums
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    Rolling Cymbal Hard Case

    I'm looking for a rolling hard case that'll hold a 22.5" cymbal. Anyone? Thanks.
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    SOLD: 20.25" Collingwood Thin Dark Ride / 1869g (W/Soundfile)

    Dave Collingwood makes beautiful cymbals. I have two, and would grab this one if I hadn't just gotten in bed with another maker. Someone should get this quick.
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    SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop "Ride" - Half-Turk

    stop by any time.
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    SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop "Ride" - Half-Turk

    Thanks. Canopus NV60-M1. Best drums I've ever owned, period.
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    SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop "Ride" - Half-Turk

    And gone. I was tempted to reverse course, but a buyer pounced. There's a lesson in there somewhere ...
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    In-Person Drum Instructor - Swinging and Missing

    I suspect that whether video lessons would work depends a lot on whether the teacher is experienced and comfortable teaching remotely. I just started lessons with Rick Dior. He immediately identified some issues with my technique and started working on them with me. He is very good at what he...
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    SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop "Ride" - Half-Turk

    careful what you wish for, Joey. :)