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  1. cworrick

    I'm THAT close.

    I had the opportunity tonight to do something I've been wanting to do for some time. For once I finally remembered to set the trip on my truck AND start a stopwatch. I was also leaving from my house without any side stops to interfere with checking this out. The traffic was also pretty good as...
  2. cworrick

    way O.T. Attn: Star Wars Fans

    I know we have a lot on here. Here's the new "must have" LEGO set for you. 6785 pieces. 24.5" Tall 27" Long 9.5" Wide $799.99 (personally I'd buy another set of drums.) The Details in this thing are ridiculous!
  3. cworrick

    happy birthday

    Like him, or not, he's kept going after many others would have called it quits.
  4. cworrick

    He's rubbing off on the next generation.

    Tommy Lee is still inspiring crazy drummers: Make sure you scroll down to see the un-musically edited version of the video.
  5. cworrick

    Way O.T. 10/13 Blue Origin Spacelaunch and CAPTAIN KIRK!

    One of the passengers on today's launch is..... WILLIAM SHATNER!!!! He's due to be sent on this away mission in about 15 minutes. HE'S 90 YEARS OLD!!!! He will set the record as the oldest person in space - to date. This record seems to be getting broke every time they have a launch. He...
  6. cworrick

    Single post tension rod eyelet

    See pix below for measurement details. I am in need of 1 to finish a project. Thanks
  7. cworrick


    The threads here on the Cympads and the thread in the general section on the new Inde Cymbal Gummies made me think a bit about the problem I see with both products. Although I can't get a good look at the Inde pad, it may address the issue. Felts Cympads Inde cymbal gummies (maybe) They are...
  8. cworrick

    This had to be a thrill

    11 year old drummer jamming with Foo Fighters in concert! Love or hate the music, you have to admit this would be a thrill for any 11 year old kid.
  9. cworrick


    I was gifted this project drum last year but am just now getting around to it. Brand is unknown. No badges are anywhere on it. There is a badge mark shown in one of the pictures. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction from the hardware pictures I've included. The only marking...
  10. cworrick

    Found a new book!!!!

    I don't know if anyone else has found this book yet. I don't remember anyone posting about it, so here goes..... I stopped by Sweetwater for a couple of heads over the weekend (I'll have to post about that elsewhere). While there I poked through the drum music books to see if anything...
  11. cworrick

    o.t. Tony's done.

    Tony Bennett's stage career is done. :crybaby:
  12. cworrick

    O.T. memorial day +

    For those who have made the trip to D.C. to see the original, there is now a slightly smaller version of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall on display at the Vietnam Memorial just outside Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was just unveiled today for Memorial Day weekend...
  13. cworrick

    Recycling Cymbals

    Some of these actually look interesting.
  14. cworrick

    Robert Zildjian...err...Sabian.

    Went down the Youtube rabbit hole again (ain't it fun!) and stumbled across this little gem. I don't think I remember ever seeing it mentioned here. If it was, it was a LLOONNGGG time ago.
  15. cworrick

    USMC Drumline

    I just had this sent to me by a friend. This isn't everyone's thing, but there are some of us here that appreciate this style of drumming. USMC Drumcorps - some of the cleanest playing I've heard in a long time. The Marines do it right.
  16. cworrick

    Drum Rattle

    I found my 12" Pearl MLX tom had a little rattle and it took time to finally figure out what it was. I checked all the usual suspects (Mounts, lose tension rods, lose screws, etc.) and nada. FINALLY figured out - the air grommet was lose and rattling when I hit the tom. I tried a couple things...
  17. cworrick

    PBS American Masters

    Just finished watching PBS American Masters that features the new documentary on Doc Severenson. "Never too Late. The Doc Severenson Story" Absolutely Amazing It premiered tonight. Should be on again. Highly recommend seeing this.
  18. cworrick

    O.T. Muppets ranking

    I beat Vistalite Black in with a meaningless ranking topic!!!!!!!! :laughing5: O.K. it might be a little ON topic since our favorite drumming muppet ANIMAL makes the list ( I won't give it away) It also may be a little better done with the surveying since this is NPR...
  19. cworrick

    Drummer gifts

    Usually I really hate when these adds show up in my FB feed, but these actually look pretty good. There was a really...
  20. cworrick

    Grammys - THIS pretty well sums it up

    Taika Waititi Won a Grammy and Even He Was Confused: ‘I Guess They’re Giving Grammys to Anyone Now’