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  1. Hop

    Forum Rules?

    I recently got an alert with a Moderator message that said, "Your post in the thread... was edited. Reason: No profanity allowed, including replacement characters." Not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill so to speak, but it seemed rather capricious at first glance. I was aware of the...
  2. Hop

    Joe Porcaro talks about Jeff Porcaro - Professional Drum Shop Interview

    Just saw this... Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood released Stan Keyawa's uncut interview with Joe Porcaro, used in Pro Drum's 50th Anniversary DVD (2008). Joe swears/ uses salty language a couple of time so be forewarned if your at work.
  3. Hop

    OT: Updated Forum Look (Chat Box Removed)

    Just logged on and noticed the change to the forum related to removing the Chat Box. I imagine it was because of the recent dust-up due to current events. However, I'm glad for the change. I didn't care for the real estate that was consumed by the infrequently used add-on feature and like a...
  4. Hop

    Ludwig Hercules Boom Stand: Stripped Tensioner

    I've got an early '80's Hercules boom stand that I just set up. I went to adjust and tension the stand and two of the tension knobs just seemed to ratchet around, unable to tighten or loosen the bolt. Can these knobs be popped-off easily? Is there a nut underneath the knob that can be replaced...
  5. Hop

    I Got Yer Patina....

    I got yer patina... RIGHT HERE.... Pulling the old Paiste 2002 cymbal set out of the *spoiler alert * Anvil foam-lined case after an almost thirty-year rest, I was presented with a patina on a whole 'nutha level. I think there's more than a few of us in here that have owned Anvil foam lined...
  6. Hop

    Couple of Remo BD Head Questions

    Looking to get some new heads for my bass drums and had a few questions... What is the difference in looks between Remo's P3 Felt Tone "Hazy" and "Coated" versions. Is the hazy translucent or opaque? From the Remo web site it looks as though the head is more cream color than white (I prefer...
  7. Hop

    Skillz Drumbooks

    I came across a post on another drum forum and thought I would share here, as it's such a good resource. Rather than try to describe it I'll just copy and paste Bob's post here, and let you check it via the link below...
  8. Hop

    OT: MacCa the Drummer

    Ahhh... this must be some the MacCa magic behind getting a great drum sound that I've been missing out on for so many years! I leave the "caption this pic" up to you guys ;-)
  9. Hop

    70's Vintage, Ludwig 3-Ply Lay-up

    I have a 70's era Ludwig kit in a ole' whats-his-name set-up, of 14", 16", 18", 26". The pointy B/O badges are in the following range: 1505xxx; 1505xxx; 1507xxx; 1506xxx. The 14" & 26" have clear maple interiors and the 16" & 18" are sporting the *ahem* luxurious granitone treatment. I got a set...
  10. Hop

    OT... Way OT: Retirement Pot, How Much is Enough?

    I've been giving this some thought as of late. My "work" doesn't bring the same thrill as it once did, in fact I need to find a reason to show up everyday. Maybe it's something that will pass, maybe it won't. But what I'm curious about is a very personal matter and that is how big of a...
  11. Hop

    Editing Topic Tags

    Moderators, I started a new thread called LB2009BT Ludwig 100th Anniversary Black Beauty Info and I used the Topic Tag feature and unfortunately I made a typo in one of the tags. Is there a way to edit that tag so it can be useful in future searches? The typo tag was "Engraved Balck Beauty"...
  12. Hop

    LB2009BT Ludwig 100th Anniversary Black Beauty Info

    This post was inspired by two earlier threads: How Close To Reality Is This Sale? 2 Ludwig Snare Drums: Is my Ludwig 100th BB numbered...
  13. Hop

    George Kollias - Burn Out

    Just came across this and thought I's share (...sorry if it's already been shared here). EDIT: Don't forget to rachet this up to the HD setting