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    Yamaha single braced hihat

    Works good. Old reliable. $40 +shipping
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    2- DW 5000 strap drive pedals, foldable

    I've used these for years. They work like they're supposed to. Both in good shape. One has a hard felt beater, one has the 2-sided plastic/felt. $75 + shipping each. Buy both and I'll pay shipping. I have a couple of these beaters with not much use I can include for another $15 each...
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    New Release on Mahakala Music: Two Five None Duo.
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    Ludwig Speed Flyer pedal

    I played on one on a backline kit this week. I loved it. Much more fluid than the DW/Tama strap drive cam pedals I've been playing for years. I'm ready to drop $209 for one. Any reason I shouldn't?
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    Rolling Cymbal Hard Case

    I'm looking for a rolling hard case that'll hold a 22.5" cymbal. Anyone? Thanks.
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    SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop "Ride" - Half-Turk

    Lovely cymbal. Turk top, lathed bottom. Excellent condition - no issues. 23xx grams (the ink under the bell has worn off). Has 2 rivets. Selling because of a new endorsement. $300 + shipping.
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    SOLD Paiste 602 medium flat

    Red label. Details and photos here: $250 + shipping here.
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    2 16" bass drum heads

    Remo Suede - black. Used on reso only Aquarian Modern Vintage - light use. How about $30 + shipping? Or?
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    Paul Motian interview
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    SOLD Protection Racket 16x16 bag

    Like-new condition. Great bag. $50+shipping.
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    SOLD ON REVERB Gretsch aluminum snare, 6.5x14, Canopus vintage wires

    And Canopus bolt tight washers. Really nice drum - warm and sensitive (that sounds like a dating profile). 302 hoops. Best aluminum snare I've had - including Ludwig, Dunnett and George Way. $300 275 250 + shipping
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    Paiste 602 THIN flat ride

    I'm on the hunt for a 602 flat. THIN - not medium. Preferably a 20, but I'd consider an 18. Player shape is fine. Or if you see one in your neighborhood, I'd appreciate a heads up. Thanks.
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    Solo drumset joint

    I've been banging my head against this for a while. My first public display.
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    On the radio A couple of tracks from the Original Mind CD, You Know When It's Time. And a bunch of other lovely stuff.
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    SOLD Bosphorus Masters 14" hihats890/1100g

    New condition except for stick marks. Great hats, warm and articulate. But I'm sticking with 13s - old dogs, etc. $200 + shipping
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    Gretsch for Canopus

    I have a Gretsch Brooklyn 12-14-16-14 listed in the marketplace. I'd trade them for a Canopus RFM, Yaiba or NV60 in bop sizes - with or without snare.
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    SOLD Price Reduced Gretsch Brooklyn 12-14-16 merlot sparkle + aluminum snare

    Only a few months old. In new condition. 8x12, 14x14, 14x16. Snare is 6.5x14. Gretsch Permatone heads on the toms (coated top, clear bottom), coated Ambassador on the snare, all nearly new. 4 bd heads - Gretsch Permatone coated Powerstroke (with muffle ring surgically removed), coated logo head...
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    New CD just dropped
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    Recording software

    I've recently made the leap from using a handheld digital recorder to an actual recording setup, with 4 mics and a 4x4 interface. I'm doing some remote projects and I'm using this to record my parts. I want to be able to have separate tracks for each of the 4 mics, be able to export the 4...
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    GONE 20" Bosphorus Master Vintage flat ride - really

    I've gone back and forth on this one, but I am going to let it go. Details here: I bought this from Steve Maxwell. Here's his video: $200 + shipping from the middle of the continent.