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  1. Browny

    Legs on a legless BD

    I use the DW clamp on spurs on my 26" Radio King.
  2. Browny

    Time to replace kick batter

    Probably a P3. Coated is good, as is the clear. Haven't tried smooth white on batter side but hear good things. Would like to try white suede if they appear in Aus, I really like the WS heads.
  3. Browny

    24" bass drums: Should I be afraid?

    I had a similar kit, my best effort at dating it was ‘80, with 12x8, 13x9, 14x10 toms, a 16x16 floor and the 24x14 kick in battle-scarred ‘super Mahogany’ finish. Great drums, and in hindsight I regret selling them (after I got my radio kings, limited space in an apartment, etc). That classic...
  4. Browny

    What makes one shell pack vastly more expensive than another (same mfg)?

    Labour rates are a part of it, but also associated expenses when compared to the lower cost areas. General overheads, leases, paying off off equipment, maintenance, occupational health & safety, etc. The difference in overall labour/overhead/associated costs is pretty staggering. There’s...
  5. Browny

    Mini/micro/pocket kits; whatcha got? What do you like?

    My little kit is a 22x14, 13x9 & 16x16.
  6. Browny

    Sweetwater Price Increase

    Steel and aluminium prices are steadily going up, month on month. There’s also a global shortage relating to particular resins and polymers. Shipping is cooked. All of these things are impacting prices. I’m not sure what it’s like stateside, but we’ve effectively got a ‘pallet shortage’...
  7. Browny

    People who record a lot, does this matter?

    If you’re recording and have some kind of crutch/crush/knee/etc mic right near the open tom mount hole, it’s probably worth putting some gaffer tape over the top so you don’t get a stack of air blowing out each strike and (directly) hitting the mic. That being said, it’s likely not going to be...
  8. Browny

    Need your assistance with a drum

    Should be fine with a ‘normal’ head combo; amb/amb, Emp/amb, etc. Bit of gaffer tape and/or some cotton balls should do the trick. I’ve got a matching rolled piece of tape on both heads of both RK toms right now. I’ll often treat both heads when muffling, not just the top. Play with the...
  9. Browny

    Emperor Weight Head on a Vintage Drum? Need Help

    I've said the same thing many times... But try a Classic Fit Coated Ambassador. My Radio kings are oversized, heads are an issue. Evans 360s are genuinely lifeless on them. Aquarian AMV kind of fit (aluminium hoops aren't a great fit with my SF hoops) but aren't my thing in terms of tone &...
  10. Browny

    Recommend a DIFFERENT snare head

    I alternate between the obvious Remo offerings; Coated Ambassador, Coated Controlled Sound Reverse Dot & the Coated Emperor. To me, the Ambassador is the most sensitive and has some 'air' to the sound when not muffled right down. Can feel a little thinner at particular tunings. The CSRD...
  11. Browny

    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    This is all stupid
  12. Browny

    How Long Do We Keep Our Snare-Side Heads?

    it's normally a wear thing; there's some mangey stuff going on where the wires have damaged it (rubbing on the head in a bag/case, etc) or there's a dent/mark from some kind of accidental contact, maybe a snare basket tip hit it or whatever. I usually get one of those things occur before the...
  13. Browny

    Who was responsible for more drum sales. Krupa, Rich, or Ringo?

    Who's won more superbowls? The Patriots, Browns or Lions?... edit: ...and I basically have the classic Krupa kit... 26/13/16 WMP RK.
  14. Browny

    INDe snare drum strainer

    Got one coming in for my 6.5 Acro, hopefully get it in the next week.
  15. Browny

    which LUDWIG metal snare?? vintage SUPRA or newer 6.5 ACROLITE... which would you buy?

    I’ve got the classic (non-hammered) 6.5 reissue Acrolite and it’s a great drum, love it. Have a coated amb on top now, might go back to a CSRD soon. Underneath it’s an Amb hazy SS and just swapped the puresound 16s back to the generic Taiwanese 25 strand wires that the previous owner had on...
  16. Browny


    Always Ambassadors. Currently got clears on both my kits (13 & 16 toms w/ coated Ambs on top) but will be going back to coated-over-coated next time I replace them.
  17. Browny

    kick, snare, ???

    Hats have to be there. Then compliment with something you can do a bit of everything on. I’ve got a 20” old A that’s about 1850g, it’s pretty light and washy and has a great crash (what it gets used for most of the time). Can still ride it, play higher up towards the bell and choke the stick...
  18. Browny

    When is tight head fit too tight?

    Just cut the aluminium hoop, but be careful to not cut the collar of the head. If you’re doing a bass drum head you can mark positions where the claws are, so they hide the cuts if that matters to you.
  19. Browny

    When is tight head fit too tight?

    What heads are you currently using? I've got some 40s Radio Kings that are oversized, and I think the head fitting issue is exacerbated by the single flange hoops and huge roundover baseball bat edges. I can force regular Remo heads onto The 13" and 16" and they'll go ok at higher tensions...