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  1. lamartee

    Rock bands with female members....who was the first?

    Janis Martin! (the FAMALE Elvis)
  2. lamartee

    Rock bands with female members....who was the first?

    Yep I was a big fan. These ladies are players. I saw them when they were the openers for Humble Pie's "Rockin' the Fillmore" shows. (Lee Michaels was actually the opener. Fanny was on just before Humble Pie.)
  3. lamartee

    RIP Ronnie Spector

    This was always the official kick-off of the Xmas season for me. Rest in Peace and Love Ronnie.
  4. lamartee

    Studio 666

    Yep I was mistaken. Still a big goof on horror movies! (I would have gone with a "Crash of Doom" for a beheading though)
  5. lamartee

    Studio 666

    I don't think he is making a movie. This is just a goof used as a teaser for a new album or just for the heck of it.
  6. lamartee

    Studio 666

    Think what you want about Grohl but he is definitely an Entertainer!
  7. lamartee

    Saari Drums?

    I like the demos with Kimmo, Teemu and Simo!
  8. lamartee

    Ringo, Joe Walsh and friends - Funk #49
  9. lamartee

    JJ Johnson video

    Always love his work. Saw/heard him many times with TTB.
  10. lamartee

    OT What's Your Favorite Breakfast Cereal?

  11. lamartee

    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    +1 Clive Bunker Wore out my record needle playing "This was" ad nauseum
  12. lamartee

    Sheriff Drumman kit on wheels

    I saw that he's going on tour with this guy next month.
  13. lamartee

    OT - job app/interview questions

    From my limited knowledge about it,(have a family friend who does this) travel nursing seems to be the smart move as long as you are good with changing environments on a regular basis.
  14. lamartee

    Joke Thread

  15. lamartee


    Yeah, that 1-4-5 can get real old real fast. Its all about feel, serious dynamics and making sure that you don't play two songs in a row in the same key to keep the night entertaining. Otherwise in the words of Muddy....
  16. lamartee

    Less DW Exposure on TV?

    In this day and age of "alternative facts" one commercial proves that even a "bigly" brand like DW is now a 'loser" brand.
  17. lamartee

    Doing a sub for a blues gig this week... oy

    Yep. Besides having big ears make sure you have big eyes! If not pre-arranged you should be able to pick up right away which of the guys you can get your visual cues from. Its all about the feel and dynamics!