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  1. charlesm

    Slingerland Aztec or unwrapped 16" FT

    Hi folks. A friend of mine is looking to complete an Aztec Brown Slingerland kit. Needs either an original 16" FT or an unwrapped 16 to re-wrap. Please let me know if you have something. Thanks a lot, Charles
  2. charlesm

    Zildjian K Dark Medium 22" (2960g)

    This is the nicest example of the K Dark Medium that I've played. It's a really sweet one. It's on the lighter, lower-pitched side for this model at 2960g. They seem to tend to run over 3000g. You get clear sticking over complex, warm, open-but-controlled wash with this one. Lay into it...
  3. charlesm

    Any K Sweet 23 owners?

    From what I hear in demos, I like a lot of the tonal attributes of this model. Does anyone out there own one? I'd love to hear some feedback and impressions. Thanks a lot!
  4. charlesm

    SOLD. Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 16"

    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 16" (1100g) A nice dark, shimmery crash with good body. Also great for use with a 16" hi-hat pair. Slight bit of sticker residue under bell but great shape otherwise. $175 + ship PayPal/Lower-48 only. Demo:
  5. charlesm

    SOLD. Zildjian Kerope 15" hi hats pair

    Selling a factory set of 15" Kerope Hats. (The 15" K Dark Thin Crash that was previously also listed here has sold separately.) These are at a nice weighting of 942g/1184g. Light enough to feel like thin hats but enough meat on the bone to project. Beautiful warm, sweet tone and very...
  6. charlesm

    What are your impressions of this ride cymbal?

    (I'm not posting this under Audio Files because this isn't so much a demo as, hopefully, a topic for some conversation.) I'm very curious to hear some impressions of this cymbal. This is a recording to a drumless backing track, followed by the cymbal by itself. Do you like it? Not? Do you...
  7. charlesm

    Vintage A. hats find/stamp ID/green stuff!

    Hi all. I picked up a set of really sweet old A. 14" hats at a local store recently for a nice price. They are roughly 700g/800g. Trying to ID the stamp. This looks like late-'50s small to me. The "Zildjian" measures about 7/8" across. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot.
  8. charlesm

    Is Ludwig missing the boat on Acros?

    I see today that Ludwig is apparently releasing a new line of USA "Acro" snares with brass and copper shells...basically, Acrolites with those shells. Not sure how I feel. Kinda cool on paper, even though, to me, Acro means aluminum alloy. Anyway... The 6.5 models have 10 lugs. I've been...
  9. charlesm

    Coated Diplomats for vintage Gretsch?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of trying a coated Dip batter over clear Dip on my SSB 12". I've never used Diplomat batters. I'm currently using coated Amb/clear Amb, and it does sound great, of course. Lately, though, I've been wanting to hear a little more sprite and overtones out of that drum. I get...
  10. charlesm

    Speaking of Acrolites: Dear Ludwig...

    Ludwig folks, you brought out an 8-lug Black Beauty. Totally took us (well, me, at least) by surprise. What a COOL drum! And so great to see you acknowledge the value of the 8-lug design for a high-end drum. PLEASE now do the right thing and bring out an 8-lug 6.5" Acrolite, and fulfill the...
  11. charlesm

    15" K hats situation

    Just curious about folks' opinions on this matter. Recently picked up a 15" K Dark Thin Crash (883g according to seller) to pair up/use in combo with my 15" Keropes (960g/1120g). I'm basically looking for the option of having a real vibey, splashy, thin-but-dark hat sound for jazz, '70s-ish...
  12. charlesm

    Looking for Zildjian 15" K crashes

    Mainly looking for 15" K Dark Thin or 15" K Custom Dark. Gram weight would be helpful. Thanks a lot!
  13. charlesm

    *SOLD* - Gretsch USA Bronze 6.5" x 14" - mint

    I've decided to let my amazing Gretsch USA Bronze 6.5 snare go in the search for a couple of other items. This is an incredible-sounding, real musical bronze drum and it's in mint, original condition (other than some wear on the batter head). I'll take $425 shipped. This is my listing on...
  14. charlesm

    WFL Auditorium magic

    A few years ago, I picked a WFL Supreme Concert (6-lugs) snare in the search for a drum with a strong, inherent "woody" tone. Well, this drum did not disappoint. Within the first few hits, I was just amazed at the warm, round, deep tone of this drum. Eventually, I decided I wanted just a little...
  15. charlesm

    WTB: K Custom Dark Complex Ride 22"

    Anyone have a 22" K Custom Dark Complex Ride for sale? Ideally in the 2600-2700g range. Thanks, Charles
  16. charlesm

    Rogers aluminum snares?

    Did Rogers ever make an aluminum snare, something to compete with the Acrolite and similar from Slingerland and Gretsch? I don't believe I've ever seen one. Seems like they weren't really in the "lower-end" game. Just curious. Thanks!
  17. charlesm

    Los Angeles scene?

    Any drummers out there living and working right in L.A.? Can you describe what life is currently like there as a working player? Are there particular "scenes" around specific music in different places? How are audiences? Been curious for a long time. Thanks a lot.
  18. charlesm

    Heavy ride + low-pitched??

    Does anyone own a ride (or crash/ride) that is on the heavy side but also legitimately low-pitched and dark? If so, what is the model and what are the design characteristics? Doing some research. Thanks a lot.
  19. charlesm

    Zildjian EAK Crash Ride 22"

    Looking for a 22" EAK Crash Ride in good condition. Thanks, Charles
  20. charlesm

    Dear Zildjian: More basic K 22s, please.

    In my search for the 22 sound in my head, I have come up with a few suggestions for Zildjian that might fill some gaps (IMO) in the lineup of regular Ks. This is also based on the premise that 22" is an all-around great, versatile cymbal size. 1. Please bring back the basic 22" K Crash/Ride in...