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    Chaffee Book CD's / Audio Files

    I just found the CDs from Gary Chaffee's Time Functioning and Sticking patterns. I have been working out of the books. They were pretty scratched up but I cleaned them up only to discover I have no drives on any of my computers to see if they work. I wanted to rip them. Looked around but don't...
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    Vinnie and Gadd Recording

    This may have been posted already - really cool. The tune is Six Million Dollar Man Theme from the album Superheroes by Randy Waldman. Just found this - if you can listen to the finished tune - I'd love to see what they were looking at. So interesting to hear the drums raw through I guess a...
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    Vocalist Disagrees With Bernstein's Tempo

    Pretty interesting... No clicks here.
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    Late 60's Flashback

    Pretty interesting lineup - Buddy Miles and Roland Kirk too! I guess every generation will say the same thing about their early musical memories - but late 60's early 70's really was a wide open frontier where anything seemed possible - and people were open to new things (obviously drugs too).
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    Setlist App (Droid) Recommendation

    I just got a recurring gig and have to learn quite a few tunes by mid month. I usually write my charts ( my own hieroglyphics) on paper and arrange per set list. I'm thinking I'd like to scan each chart and load them so I can pull up alphabetically. This is probably going to be a gig without a...
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    Bill Schnee Gadd Story

    I just started watching this - it's the first six minutes. Great story - I'm also reading the Steely Dan bio - and back then it was all about the drummer.
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    Delaney & Bonnie & Friends Copenhagen (December 12, 1969)

    I've been watching interviews with Bobbly Whitlock and he mentioned their only European tour. Pretty cool - the sound is not the greatest but it's really interesting. Gordon on Camco's (I'm pretty sure) Delaney Bramlett, Bonnie Bramlett, Eric Clapton,, George Harrison, Rita Coolidge, Bobby...
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    Billy Higgins - Excellently Shot

    Lot's of long close ups - mix sounds really nice too. It's one thing to listen to jazz - but when you see it a whole different ballgame. Why are all the best videos like this produced outside the US? (Actually of course I do know why.} This appears to be from Norway.
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    Just heard this term for the first time - I would venture to say that the majority of us here are prosumers. I am for sure. "An amateur who purchases equipment with quality or features suitable for professional use"
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    Police - Merry Christmas

    Stumbled upon this - early Police - 40 years ago. Three guys... Wow - this is what it's all about Charlie Brown
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    Jo Jo Mayer Hiram Bullock

    Music starts @ 1:20 - Jo Jo grooving nicely (although he's hardly shown - on a German show!) - and Hiram's solo at the end... don't miss it
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    Original Tune - Recent Posts

    With a lot of posts regarding recording and video I thought I'd share my recent efforts. Still bumbling around trying to figure it all out - that includes the playing too. A tune from our guitarist. He sent me the guitar parts and a simple bass part. He really gave me no input prior. It's so...
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    Covid Video

    Keeping ourselves occupied - learning about video editing. " Idle hands...."
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    Whisper Room

    Looking for insight on Whisper room or other types of portable isolation rooms. Searched the forum but didn't find much. I know they are expensive and not totally sound proof - but I'm trying to figure out alternatives if my current practice facility goes out of business.
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    OT - If You're Feeling Blue

    All the Sound and Fury we are usually into doesn't seem to touch me like this during these times:
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    Pearl Wood Fiberglass 22-13-16 Sold

    Pearl Wood Fiberglass Drums (Current Version) For Sale 14 x 22, 9 x 13, 16 x 16 in Satin Cocoa Burst The rack was drilled and an INDe Mount was installed. Kick was drilled and a Ludwig bass drum mount installed. Post is included. Kick has PS3 and the Pearl front head. The toms have G2’s on...
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    Fillmore East Show Schedule

    Check these line ups out - was at a few.
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    Russ and Lee

    Pretty cool interview.
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    Old Guy G.A.S. Rx - Abs Hybrid Maple

    Had a bit of a GI tract scare but looks like all is good. A bit of a wake up call on priorities. With that being said I also may self medicate once in a while. So taken together my immediate response is I need a new drum set! And I need to get it right now. As I said - priorities. Something new...
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    Band Demo Video

    We just did this - trying to drum up some more gigs.