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  1. clowndog

    Lightest drumset you own?

    Sakae Trilogy - among the lightest modern drums period.
  2. clowndog

    Suggestions for a new cymbal bag

    I have, and prefer just a shoulder strap. Mine has the stick bag and shoulder strap only.
  3. clowndog

    Freddie Gruber – A Great Teacher Shares Some Life

    I used to study for a time with Freddie. Here we are at his house in Encino many years ago. Very cherished information.
  4. clowndog

    Suggestions for a new cymbal bag

    I’ve used most bags out there, and the Beato Pro 1 is my top pick by far.
  5. clowndog

    Mid 1990s Premier XPK question

    I had a tobacco burst in the 90’s. Stated made in England. Pretty descent kit. I remember the bass drum being a little thin/lacking projection if not miked.
  6. clowndog

    Do new Bosphorus cymbals often come with scratches and flea bites?

    Scratches I’ve come across on Turk type cymbals occasionally from them but no flea bites.
  7. clowndog

    Snare tones: snap, crack, pop, bite - what do they mean?

    Watch the old Batman TV series for assistance
  8. clowndog

    SOLD: Tama Speed Cobra 910 Single Pedal

    Great pedals. Glws!
  9. clowndog

    Late 50’s SS Radioking 14x5.5 needs a facelift

    One may argue you did ruin it by removing the wrap. Maybe find an example that you are happier with and leave this one original for someone to put the time into saving?
  10. clowndog

    24" cymbal bags - what's good?

    hi, perhaps you have an older bag? My Pro 1 with the hi hat compartment doesn’t have any issue with the bottom of the bag or fit issues.
  11. clowndog

    1958 WFL Super Classic 5.5x14

    A well known stripper.
  12. clowndog

    24" cymbal bags - what's good?

    Beato Pro 1. Rainproof, fire resistant. They work perfectly.
  13. clowndog

    Puget sound DFO hang

    Not sure I can make it, but I like that you are doing it.
  14. clowndog

    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    When you can find them, there have been deals for $1200-1400 for a 3 pc kit I've seen.
  15. clowndog

    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    No. The op was asking about a Radio King kit, that wasn't a Radio King. The op is not wanting to hassle with repairs (or?) and shopping for a kit while looking at mess pictures that don't give any real indication of what is being offered exactly. Not the ideal way to buy vintage, when it...
  16. clowndog

    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    Sounds like he wants the sound without the hassle. Options are good. And besides, have you seen a Trilogy kit in person? They are not lacking. More importantly, have you played one? You may not care what they look like.
  17. clowndog

    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    Find a Sakae Trilogy kit if you want retro sound and reliable drums/hardware.
  18. clowndog

    What’s that noise?

    loose washer(s) on the t-rods can cause the "piing" sound that quickly decays after you hit it that I'm hearing. May also be a resonant wire(s) on your snare drum vibrating. That would be my first guess. Remove the snare out of the area and try.
  19. clowndog

    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    A poll I recently saw revealed only 10% of people under 30 years old could drive a manual. I have a Veloster Turbo in stick - lots of fun.