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  1. levelpebble

    Advice: Possible Rogers purchase

    That's a perfect 'leave behind' kit for practice spaces, etc. As it sits, and for that purpose, that's a $250 kit tops. There is no way you are going to restore it. Nor should you, there are just too many better candidates out there.
  2. levelpebble

    Ludwig question

    No, re-rings mean it's a three ply drum. Six ply would have no rings.
  3. levelpebble

    WFL and Roy Haynes

    Oh man, KO what a clip! Wouldn't we love to see that kit resurface!!!!
  4. levelpebble

    New member with (new to me) old Rogers

    Congrats, the S on two of the tags is for Othie Shields, one of the drum assemblers in the Covington OH Rogers shop. Probably second most common initial found, after F (sometimes FW) for Frank Walters.
  5. levelpebble

    Vintage Tama Snare

    I could really use that throw off and butt plate if you decide to part it out. Those lugs are sought after as well if they haven't been pulled out of shape yet. John in MD
  6. levelpebble

    WFL -> Ludwig

    And 100 years from now KO's grandsons are going to have to tell the 'new' vintage drum collectors how WFL III isn't remotely related to WFL .... But it is .... But it isn't. This job's yours to keep Kevin.
  7. levelpebble

    Sold - 24” 3rd & 4th (Ludwig) Kick - Blue Sparkle

    Dave, sorry for the confusion. No, all four of these are trans badge with precisely the same red ink date stamp. I just mentioned 'WFL/LW' because of the aqua blue wrap that was prevalent in that era.
  8. levelpebble

    Sold - 24” 3rd & 4th (Ludwig) Kick - Blue Sparkle

    50s WFL/LW blue sparkle is incredible, my trans badge below. I bet someone is looking for your FT. Best of luck in the sale.
  9. levelpebble

    Emanuelle Caplette: The little drummer girl ...

    I totally agree with you. Except that Tom Brady is 44.
  10. levelpebble

    Info needed for vintage Ludwig set

    If your typical 60s German drummer was comparing Ludwig QC to Sonor QC, I get it that he might conclude Ludwig was exporting the duds. But no, the duds were randomly interspersed everywhere. Get it out the door. No company could ramp up like that and not suffer manufacturing disparity. The worst...
  11. levelpebble

    Rogers Red Ripple - Surprise Find

    He had them priced right, at $1800 in the FB ad. If I didn't have December travel plans already firmed up, they would have been mine. But no worries, congrats! Actually if the seller had spelled Rogers correctly, I'm sure they would have sold much faster!
  12. levelpebble

    EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

    More evidence out of control inflation has hit the vintage drum market.
  13. levelpebble

    Vintage Slingerland

    Frankly, I think you're all way off base. There is not much demand for display kits. As a grouping, I would retail value it absolutely no higher than $700. Yes, likely more if you piece it out, temple blocks, if the cymbals have the right markings, etc. As Rich says, it all depends on the...
  14. levelpebble

    1966 Blue/Silver Stageband

    Very odd indeed. Certain it's not a 22"?
  15. levelpebble

    EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

    And it says it was posted over a month ago.
  16. levelpebble

    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    This strainer certainly looks to be nicely installed from the inside, no traces of a hack job that I see. And this snare is so clean, I can't see how it would have needed a new strainer installed without any evidence of heavy use anywhere. Also some interesting prior owner history found inside...
  17. levelpebble

    Leedy/Ludwig MOJO Kit

    Perfection right there my friend.
  18. levelpebble

    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    Wow, that vintage drum reference website is great, thank you so much!
  19. levelpebble

    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    Entirely possible, I'll know more when I pop it open this weekend. Do you have any of these late 20s catalog pics? I'm familiar with Mark's work on the vintage strainers. John