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  1. dogmanaut

    Agop Azures?

    Anyone have some Azures they’re looking to part with? I’ve got a 20” ride that feels a little lonely right now.
  2. dogmanaut

    Istanbul Mehmet collection

    Just said goodbye to a big chunk of my Bosphorus collection that wasn’t getting used. Now I’m doing the same with my Mehmets. Prices are OBO and do not include shipping from Richmond, VA. Pics and gram weights available on request. Or I’ll post them myself if I get a chance. No audio or video...
  3. dogmanaut

    Bosphorus collection

    I’ve had these posted in the For Sale section for a bit, but I figured I’d put them up here, too. See if I can get some movement. These are the last holdouts from what used to be a pretty epic Bosphorus collection. About a year ago, I managed to pare it down to just the creme de la creme — the...
  4. dogmanaut

    Sonor Vintage drums

    I’m on the hunt for some elusive add-ons — or heck, another kit in complementary sizes, if I can find one — for my Sonor Vintage set in the discontinued Black Onyx finish. I already have a 22/13/16 and just scored a matching snare. Looking for any and all additional sizes. Or if whoever bought...
  5. dogmanaut

    Bosphorus collection

    Ok, ladies and gents, this might be a mistake, but I’m in a rare (for me) decluttering mood, so, as a result, I’m putting up basically my entire remaining collection of Bosphorus pies. These are the last holdouts from what used to be a pretty epic stash, if I do say so myself. About a year ago...
  6. dogmanaut

    Sonor rack tom

    Anyone here happen to have a Sonor Delite rack tom in the Walnut Roots finish? Any size 10-13 would be fine. I’m not picky. I’d also probably be OK with an S-Classix in Walnut Roots. Let me know!
  7. dogmanaut

    Drummer from “School of Rock” killed while riding his bike

    Sad news. Apparently he played in several bands.
  8. dogmanaut

    Cymbals galore

    Need to clear out some space, so these pies are on the chopping block. Awesome cymbals, each and every one. I’ll be sorry to see them go. Open to offers. Prices do not include shipping from Richmond, VA. -22” Agop Sterling Crash/ride (2754g) - SOLD -20” Sabian HHX Stage Ride - $200 -20”...
  9. dogmanaut

    The lightest ride cymbal in existence??

    I just got an answer back from a major music store re: the weight of a vintage 22” ride. I hope you aren’t wearing any shoes right now, because this is going to blow your socks off.... You ready? 16 oz! Or, just under 454g, which would make it one of the lightest cymbals in my entire...
  10. dogmanaut

    Melted Moongel

    Just received a drum in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to find it had been shipped inside a drum bag that hadn’t been listed as part of the sale. Hooray. Except, when I opened the bag, it looks like the seller left a Moongel on the drum that somehow melted in transit. Luckily, the drum...
  11. dogmanaut

    Anyone in Andover, MA?

    You know the story: guy has some orphans that would complete a set for me but refuses to ship. I’m still kind of hoping he might change his mind, but just in case, anyone in the area who might be willing to help me out? :D
  12. dogmanaut

    Canopus Ash

    All the recent Canopus love has got me feeling GAS-y again. Probably a long shot, but anyone have any Canopus Ash drums they’d like to part with? Either a kit (20” bass drum strongly preferred) or a snare or all of the above?
  13. dogmanaut

    Spring cleaning - cymbals

    My previous thread got deleted for some reason, so I’m posting it again. Not looking for anything specific necessarily, although I tend to like Agops and Cymbal & Gong these days and Canopus and Yamaha snares. Would also be interested in some Sabian Artisan Elites, if anyone has anything. But...
  14. dogmanaut

    Artisan Elites, anybody?

    Anyone own any Sabian Artisan Elites? Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like they never get talked about on here. In fact, in general, I don’t think Artisans get as much love as they deserve (compared to lines like Paiste Masters or K Cons), but I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone...
  15. dogmanaut

    Promark Carter McLean sticks

    Anyone have some of these for sale/trade?
  16. dogmanaut

    SOLD - 22” HHX Legacy Heavy Ride

    Still open to trades on this, but figured I’d post it here just in case. Excellent condition. Chuck Levin’s 60th Anniversary logo and signed by Mark Love. How about $275 plus actual shipping?
  17. dogmanaut

    SOLD - 22” Sabian HHX Legacy Heavy Ride

    Just got this, but unfortunately not quite the sound I was looking for. Figured I’d see if anyone had anything cool they might want to trade before I sell it. As you can see in the pics, this one has a Chuck Levin’s 60th Anniversary logo on the back. It’s also been signed by Mark Love...
  18. dogmanaut

    Favorite brushes

    I was reminded while listening to some Pentangle yesterday that I should probably take another stab at really learning to play with brushes. I was never very happy with my old set — a pair of Vic Firth retractable ones with white knurled plastic handles. They were always getting stuck. Lucky...
  19. dogmanaut

    22” Bosphorus Jazz Master Ride

    Used very little. 2446g under the bell (2445g according to my scale). Don’t have a sound file, sorry. $300 plus shipping/local pickup in or around a Richmond, VA.
  20. dogmanaut

    SOLD - Barton drum bag set - 20/12/14

    Just throwing this out there: I’ve got a 3-piece set of Barton drum bags in 20/12/14 that are just a bit snug on the kit I bought them for — it has bigger, chunkier hardware that protrudes more than most, so I’m probably going to have to move up to a 22/13/16 set. These are the bags with the...