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    Can You Stand One More Greyson Nekrutman Video? Holy Cow!

    unbelievable how good this guy is. Would really like to see him driving a high energy big band live next.
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    Ming Pure 18x22/5x14/7x10/8x12/15x16 - $1000 & shipping

    Someone should grab this quick. If I did not already have a Tempus set I definitely would. I have a Ming snare drum & its great. Definitely light as well. These drum sets are hard to find & for a gigging kit, having this light, fiberglass drum set will be hard to beat. Price is great too.
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    Won't that extra gear make you louder?

    I’m sure the leader did not mean this with the comment, but with everything else equal (playing dynamics, sticks, etc), a drum set with more drums might be slightly louder due to the resonance of the entire drum set when a drum is struck.
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    Wow astounding. I watched some of his Facebook videos now too. His feet are right up there with his hands in regard to speed.
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    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    Mapex Man, I really like Lambos. Please pull up the car cover & take a quick photo of that bright yellow “Lambo 804 Limited SE” in that same space in the garage. Now that you learned how to take photos & upload them, should only take you a minute. I assume you want to show the actual car given...
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    Snare drum pad recommendation for Mimic Pro

    I’m a big fan of the Yamaha XP120SD. I have yet to use a mesh head, be it single double triple ply, that I like the feel of. The XP120SD feels so good & is so quiet I use it as a practice pad too. I use it with my ATV ad5 & get a cross stick sound, but have to do so via striking a specific area...
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    Tempus snare update…

    Your snare came out great with those lugs. I have a Tempus snare drum as well, also with black interior like your’s, so know from experience your’s must sound great. Can you elaborate on the tonal difference between the Tempus & JM?
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    Ludwig limited edition electroplated brass snare drums

    Looks great in matte black contrasting with the shiny chrome hardware.
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    Keith Carlock

    Big fan. Has a very identifiable style. Great groove-feel & speed-chops too.
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    Ludwig limited edition electroplated brass snare drums

    The Blue Beauty arrived. Ludwig did a great job with the finish. Regarding sound, I read somewhere these red & blue drums are dryer due to their electroplating process. I have a 5” Black Beauty & seems about the same to me.
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    Any Trixon Historians?

    The Trixon drum set I have is made of beech & I think many were. They were great drums in those days & still are if you get a vintage set in good condition.
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    Ludwig limited edition electroplated brass snare drums

    Thanks to you I just purchased a Blue Beauty too. Didn’t purchase for ‘collectability’, only for the color. That red drum looks fantastic but blue is my fave color.
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    DW 5000

    I like both but agree the single chain version feels faster. Feels lighter & quicker to respond. DW5000 single chain accelerator cam is my fave version of this iconic pedal.
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    So I bought a Firchie Snare

    I do not have one but was thinking of purchasing one. I watched a few videos online & seems very practical for live gigs needing different snare drum pitches on different songs. How is the construction quality? And is there anything of concern regarding the smaller sized shell seating on the...
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    Who has heard this Vinnie Colaiuta album?

    I was not aware of it so listened to it now. I like it. Other than Keisha’s Theme, the other short tracks primarily highlight Vinnie’s astounding prowess with some backing mainly as a soundbed for accompaniment. Thanks for making me aware of it.
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    Talk me down from a new Dynasonic

    I am looking for a 6.5x14 in blue sparkle. I see listings for new ones at $750 but have not seen below that price.
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    Talk me down from a new Dynasonic

    Anyone have a link to where they are selling them for ~$600? For that price I will order one today. Thanks.
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    More on Charlie Watts from saxophonist Tim Ries

    Great article with a behind-the-scenes account of Charlie’s jazz heritage & love. Thanks for sharing it.