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  1. atomicdave

    ----SOLD----Ludwig double bass drum pedal, $80!!!

    Ludwig double bass drum pedal, dual chain drive, very clean/no issues. $80 plus shipping, send zip code for ship cost if interested.
  2. atomicdave

    ----SOLD---(not here) please delete

    LP Deluxe Black Beauty cowbell LP240B, hi-pitch Jam Block (LP1205), and a bass drum hoop mount post. Both in near new condition, no dents or dings or rust on the bell. $50 plus shipping for all 3 pieces (the cowbell is typically that much new price). Paypal accepted, send zip for ship cost if...
  3. atomicdave

    --SOLD (LOCALLY)--Ludwig Black Galaxy Acrolite (blackrolite) with/without case/stand

    VERY clean Ludwig Acrolite, no issues, case kept with stand. $175 plus shipping with or without case/stand as will be a bit cheaper to ship if only want the drum, so kinda like the case/stand free if just pay the little bit extra on shipping. I have not cleaned it, and it probably never has...
  4. atomicdave

    *SALE PENDING* Ludwig 5x14 Pioneer silver sparkle, NICE, $275 shipped in US!

    Oct 13, 1965 date stamp, very little discoloration on wrap, cob bottom hoop : cos top hoop, no issues, a very clean drum. REMO ambassador top and bottom heads decent, wires are orig 12 strand metal end. $275 shipped in US. More pics available. PP or Zelle payment.
  5. atomicdave

    WANTED: LUDWIG BRUSHED GOLD...inlay and/or snare drum.

    Looking for 22" hoop with Brushed Gold inlay, or even just the inlay. Also, if even more of a chance have an original wrap Brushed Gold snare...not the colesium reissue.
  6. atomicdave

    WANTED: WFL blue/silver duco bass drum/larger/floor tom

    Looking for 2 WFL blue/silver duco drums to make a 4pc orphan kit. Prefer WFL badge intact on original blue/silver duco...conditon can be player grade, even rough (as long as MOST of the duco is still there), preferably nickel hardware (or none)...Zephyer lugs, classic lugs, Imperial lugs, or...
  7. atomicdave

    FOUND (on Ebay): Slingerland TDR strainer BACKING PLATE only (I DO NOT need the strainer, just the plate :) )

    FOUND ON EBAY: (seems the way to go...this whole forum, including buy/sell/trade/wanted has seemed to take a dump, but then again, so has craiglist and facebook marketplace...too many fish that cant swim) Slingerland TDR backing plate for strainer side (can be from a marching drum...strainer...
  8. atomicdave

    Gretsch vintage flat base hi hat stand $35 plus ship

    Gretsch flat base hi hat stand. Functions smoothly, has NOT been cleaned, but with exception of plating loss on one leg should be really nice. Button feet intact and not dry or cracked. Will include non-original clutch, old MIJ, fits nicely. $45 $35 plus ship, message me with zip code for...
  9. atomicdave

    Pearl Demonator double bass drum P932 pedal

    Pearl Demonator double bass drum pedal, P932, like new, no issues, seems was hardly used, includes orig key/allen wrenches/tag. $120 plus actual ship cost. message with zip code for ship cost if interested.
  10. atomicdave

    Ludwig 5x14 bronze 10 lug, LM305

    ----SOLD----Clean Ludwig LM305 bronze 10 lug snare drum. likely earlier version (1990's) as has p-85 strainer. NEW attack heads top and bottom. HEAVY drum. $200 plus ship cost (will be no more than 30, prob around 20 for most except west coast). ----SOLD----
  11. atomicdave

    WFL 12" tom, blue (aqua) glass glitter wrap

    looking for a 12' WFL tom with the blue glass glitter wrap (red on reverse) that usually end up an aqua color. Complete drum down to just the shell, let me know what you have, plenty of trade or $$
  12. atomicdave

    Ludwig rod mount SuperSensitive snare guards

    Looking for a pair (or 1 possibly) of SuperSensitive snare guards....the type that are mounted with tension rods. Player grade is fine...also, if have pair of 10 lug COB hoops of the like I could be down for hoops and/or guards...let me know if ya got em, and how much $$$
  13. atomicdave

    Ludwig wood tambourine high $$$ mystique....????

    Just sunday ebay shopping and see this Ludwig tambourine go for $200.....I know, the demand/supply/value deal, but really....what gives on high prices on these? Is there some wealthy older hippy sect that has some desire to own these? I mean, think about vintage Ludwig snare drums you can get...
  14. atomicdave

    Ludwig / Gibraltar add-on single tom post clamp, 9.5mm * pair 12.7 ball socket arms

    One Ludwig, one Gibraltar (these are pretty much the same pieces branded with logo t-handles). Ludwig has memory lock for newer 1216 mount. $20 includes shipping in US. Pair of 12.7 ball socket l-arms, likely Gibraltar brand, $14 for the pair shipped in US.
  15. atomicdave

    ----SOLD----TAMA floor/tom leg mounts / Swingstar

    set of 3, I believe Swingstar, floor tom legs mounts (or tom mounts?), appear to be unused or close to it, nothing stripped or damaged, only 2 mounting screws but I will send more if have them. $28 shipped in US. (4) l-arm memory locks for 9.5mm rods, fit these types of mounts and probably...
  16. atomicdave

    ----SOLD----TAMA 80's chrome 22" bass drum hoop/22" TAMA logo head

    22" chrome TAMA hoops and logo head (head is newer, has dampening ring on inside). $30 plus ship, send zip for cost if interested. ----SOLD----
  17. atomicdave

    ----SOLD----(2) NOS Zildjian cymbal snaps

    ----SOLD---- ...on the card,longer gold/brass finish, one still attached with orig string, $90 $80 shipped in US. ---SOLD----
  18. atomicdave

    WFL (Ludwig) 3x13 snare drum, lugs/strainer mounting...

    This 3x13 WFL was aquired as is, painted, repro badge, and p-84 was drilled in to replace single point (beer tap) strainer (and was done on butt side, and butt put on strainer side). I had thought from orig pics that lugs were stressed, and thus appeared a bit crooked...but surprisingly, they...
  19. atomicdave

    Ludwig 339 strainer

    Recently acquired thinking to use on an old, early 2 pc brass shell. The 339 has a lot less clearence from the drum shell....was this a hoop mounted strainer? It doesnt seem it could clear flesh hoops unless mounted on a wood hoop. Im sure the screw that hold the roller piece is not...
  20. atomicdave

    vintage TOM, 12" (tack'd btm, wood hoop top) ID....?

    The $6.40 question, what/where/who manufactured? Very nice all, lacquer, hardware, just nothing I recognize.