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    Protection Racket 14 x 18 BD Bag

    These bags have gotten obscenely expensive so here's a chance to get a lightly used one-just used to store drums at home. I have a reasonable sized box which 21 x 19 x 9 which helps keep shipping costs reasonable (also obscenely expensive) $125.00 shipped CON USA
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    SOLD: 12 Aquarian Heads (18/12/14) some new and un-played. $100.00

    SOLD: Making space on the self. I have a plethora of Aquarian heads that I want to sell as one package deal. Some are un-played/new, others lightly played unless indicated otherwise. Bass Drum heads: 18 Texture Coated Bass Drum head, very lightly used 18 Clear/Reso or Batter Bass Drum head...
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    SOLD: Out of Production: Zildjian K Custom 22" Dry Light Ride Sound Files

    SOLD. Purchased from Gerry Porter. This was a Zildjian endorser selection. They usually don't sound this good. $400.00 + 25 shipping Con USA I made two sound files. One w/ a Vater Manhattan 7A w a barrel tip and one with a Vater Manhattan 7A with a round tip. There are two split rivets...
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    Tama Star Maple Coral Pink 5.5 x 14 w/ inlay

    Gorgeous and unique finish. Coral Pink with in-lay. This is a Star Maple snare-the highest you can get in the Star line-5.5 x 14, 8 one piece lugs, die cast hoops, linear drive strainer, 3 air holes w/ wooden grommets, original un-played stock heads, Tama High Carbon, snare wire, Tama key...
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    SOLD Canopus Yaiba Bop Kit w/ matching 6.5 snare

    I though before I put these on Reverb I'd give you guys a crack. I'm selling a Canopus Yaiba Bop kit in Red Ruby Sparkle lacquer. Sizes are 14 x 18 BD, 14 x 14 FT, 8 x 12 T, matching 6.5 x 14 snare. Include FT lets, Canopus rims mount and tom mount. There is some pedal rash on the bass...
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    Zildjian 18 Uptown Ride

    SOLD 1746 grams. I have 3 of these fine cymbals. No issues. PM if you need a sound file. $125.00 Price includes shipping Con USA Tx
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    Die Cast Hoops (New)

    Selling as pairs, not individually. All hoops are new. Price includes shipping Con USA only. PM me please. Tx Pair: 14 inch 8 hole $100.00 SOLD Pair: 12 inch 6 hole $85.00 SOLD Set: 14 snare side 8 hole and 14 batter side 8 hole $100.00
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    Pre Split Istanbul silliness

    I don't usually post except for selling items, but when I saw this Reverb listing this morning I felt I needed to say something. There's a Minneapolis Drum Shop that has some pre split Istanbul Mel Lewis cymbals listed. The problem is that they claim they're from the 1980's. I was a regular...
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    Drum Instructional DVD's FREE!!!

    Yep, Free. Just shoot me 20.00 bucks to cover shipping to you. ConUSA. I have a FedEx account and it's much easier for me to drop off at Fed Ex than burn a lunch hour waiting in line at my post office. You get the whole lot w/ whatever inserts/instructional manuals they came with: Gary...
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    Billy Mintz at Small's-check out his ride cymbal beat

    Effortless, light, fluid. I was transfixed watching him last night. (gotta love this Small's live stream) Notice how he seems to dead stick-for lack of a better term-the beat after the skip note. Any tips on how to achieve that? There's another thread about jazz guys using 2002's that...
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    Easy Sleazy

    This is how it's done kids.
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    Gretsch Drum Shell Thickness Question

    Of the three lines presently "made" in Ridgeland (USA Custom, Broadkaster, Brooklyn), does any one know which is the thickest shell of the three? Gonna save you all a trip over to the web site. Here's the only info I found: USA Custon: 6 ply maple/gum 30 degree bearing edges Broadkaster: 3...
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    SOLD Paiste 602 Medium Sizzle (Sound File)

    Really nice, balanced 20" 602 Medium (not Medium Ride) w/ 6 pre split rivets to give it that Elvin vide. About 2230 grams. This is a new 602, not a vintage one. No issues. Asking $350.00. Also for sale on Ebay. Sound file here: Sound File
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    SOLD Canopus HiHat Stand

    Particulars on my Reverb listing below. $75.00 plus free shipping for forum member. (Con USA)
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    SOLD UFIP 1931 20" ride, Trashy, complex, Agop like Sound file

    You don't see these too often and of the ones I've owned this by far is the most trashy and complex. This one has golf ball sized hammer marks. Weighs 1792 grams. Clear bell. Has one heavy rivet to give it more of a rattle effect than a sizzle. (See apex of triangular ink logo) If you're...
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    SOLD: Canopus 4 x 14 bronze snare Triple Flanged hoops

    New but with the slightly less expensive triple flanged hoops. Original heads and snare wire. Will ship double boxed for protection. This is a great, all purpose snare that plays fatter than its size would indicate. W/ the flange hoops it gives a nice, open sound. Comes w/ original, unused...
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    SOLD: Paiste Masters 15 thin hats 778/950 Sound File

    SOLD: Great sounding pair of masters. Light, responsive. $300.00 FREE SHIPPING Con USA Here's a sound file.
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    Some Big A Zildjians 16, 20 riveted, 22 riveted

    I have some of the newer, "Big A" Zildjians for sale: 16 Thin crash 988 grams: $110.00 + shipping 20 Medium Ride w/ 6 rivets 2144: $125.00 + shipping 22 Medium Ride w/ 6 rivets 2998 grams: $225.00 + shipping The rides are exceptionally nice. If you go to and search out...
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    Arthur Taylor's Notes and Tones

    A.T. wrote a book of interviews compiled roughly between 1968 - 1972 w/ some the world's greatest jazz legends. I was not aware of its existence until the book came up in my suggested reading choices on my Kindle. I've been working through it this week. Among the drummers interviewed are...
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    Paiste 602 22" P.T.

    No, your eyes are not playing tricks. Custom ordered from the factory. Was going for the Higgins sound but this cymbal is too thin and too dark to capture that vibe. Weighs 2256 grams. Brand new. Sound file w/ 7A nylon to bring out the sparkle. There was an upcharge for the custom order...